Police Briefs

Suspicious person taking videos on campus

On Jan. 26, SVSU Police Dispatch received an anonymous email tip stating a suspicious person was on campus taking videos. Officers spoke with a student being recorded who stated the person taping was recording a podcast. The student was a willing participant in the videotaping but stated they did realize the dangers of allowing a stranger to video tape them and enter their dorm after the incident was over.

Boyfriend-girlfriend argument overheard in Living Center South

On Jan. 26, officers spoke with two SVSU resident students about an argument they overheard in Living Center South. Officers
contacted the room in question and upon investigation determined it was a couple having an argument. There was no assault, and this case was turned over to student conduct for review.

Investigation into damaged shrubs in front of Curtiss Hall

On Jan. 26, officers observed damage to the shrubs in front of Curtiss Hall on the sidewalk that separates north and south University Drive. The damage appears to have been caused by a vehicle traveling northbound on University Drive. The vehicle tracks appear to turn west into Lot J1. Officers were unable to track the vehicle any further. Officers searched the parking lot and were unable to find a vehicle with any damage related to this incident. This case remains under investigation.

Virtual harassment by non-SVSU student

On Jan. 27, officers spoke with a Dining Services employee regarding a complaint of virtual harassment. The suspect is a non-SVSU student and is currently trespassed from SVSU for a similar incident that occurred last year. The victim asked that the trespass be extended for another year.

Harassment by non-SVSU student at the Ryder Center

On Jan. 27, officers spoke with a staff member from the Ryder Center who reported harassment. A non-student was reported to have been harassing other Ryder Center guests. The victims wished to only have a report made for documentation purposes at this point and did not want to press charges.

Theft of Xbox and accessories from University Village

On Jan. 27, officers spoke with an SVSU resident student who wanted to report his Xbox and accessories were taken from
his dorm in University Village. The student believed their property was taken between 1 a.m. and 6 p.m. This case is still under investigation.

Report of uncomfortable behavior by fellow student

On Jan. 28, officers spoke with a student who wanted to make a report about a fellow student making them feel uncomfortable. The student only wanted to make a report for record at this point. The student was advised to tell the other student they did not like their behavior, ask them to stop and contact University Police if the harrassment continues.

Investigation into stolen Nintendo Switch components

On Jan. 31, officers spoke with a resident student regarding stolen Nintendo Switch components. The student stated the items were stolen from their apartment sometime between Saturday, Jan. 28 and Monday, Jan. 30. This case is still under investigation.

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