How do you know who you are?

In having anticipation, your brain is using stored memories which derive emotion. You wait for something in particular to happen, but what happens when it does or does not?

Sometimes, when the next event occurs, what you anticipated doesn’t happen, but you convince yourself you knew it all along. From this, we know that anticipation is tied to interpretation.

But what if that thing you anticipated did happen, and you interpreted it as not? Well, then your interpretation gave you inaccurate results.

Why do some interpretations give inaccurate results, and others accurate ones? It’s because you did not take into account missing information which you would have used to reach that interpretation.

How do you find an accurate interpretation of something? You first must ask your self what you are interpreting, and if your interpretation of that thing is accurate. Thus, you must self-check all of your interpretations that have built up to your current one.

It is a lot of work, but not to worry for you are capable of doing this when you want to.

So, what interpretations of your life are vital to check before making any further one’s? You must interpret and understand yourself. With that comes your experience with yourself.

But why not also use other sources of information to interpret yourself? This can’t accurately describe you because it doesn’t come from you.

People create ideas and reasoning that for all you could know, are served by foundations of incorrect interpretations. Thus, to have the possibility of something inaccurate serving as the foundation of your own self cannot be allowed if your goal is to understand yourself. .

So how do you use only your personal experiences to interpret yourself, what about a moral compass or a previous ideology? This might make you uncomfortable but, this is the same matter as using other people’s conclusions.

You can ask whoever taught you something them how they reached their conclusions, the same way you can ask your professor about their grading policy, but in the end you have your autonomy and ability to think about your experiences by themselves.

You may find that you don’t believe in something you thought you did, you might find out that you had everything figured out correctly from the start- I’m not sure, I’m only human.

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