Review: ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ lives up to the hype

After waiting 13 years, the highly anticipated sequel to Avatar was finally released at the end of 2022.

The first movie left the second one, “Avatar: The Way of Water”, a lot to live up to. I was only nine when the first movie came out but I still remember how mesmerizing the movie was. The graphics were so much more advanced than any other movie at the time.

The plot of the first one was also very intriguing. It took themes that we’ve all seen in movies before but did in such a different way for our time.

It was the classic forbidden lovers’ story. Two people from two very different worlds trying to beat the odds to be together. Expect this one dealt with deeper things like racism, militarism, patriotism, corporate greed, religion, imperialism, and property rights.

It’s not just a love story, it’s a story that serves as a warning almost, it shows what humans are capable of and in a way, it’s scary because it’s something completely possible.

The second movie had to live up to all of that and more. Fans had been waiting 13 years for this movie. They couldn’t just throw something together, this movie had to be great.

I think the biggest challenge came in with the effects. The first movie was groundbreaking in their CGI but now movies that look like that are pretty standard. Technology had changed a lot in the past decade, meaning they would have to find a way to still be top notch.

I think they definitely lived up to that. Despite movies looking a lot better on average now, the effects of this movie still blew me away.

This movie mostly takes place in the ocean, where the last one took place in the jungle. Viewers were able to see some really cool things that weren’t in the first one because of that.

I saw the movie in 3D and would recommend everyone does. The way James Cameron meant for it to be seen was in IMAX 3D. This took the experience to the next level. Not only did this mythical world look real, in 3D it made it seem like you were in it. Like you could reach out and touch the water.

As for the plot, without giving anything away, this one lived up to the first. There was some spots where the movie was a bit slow, especially towards the middle. However, the movie is over three hours so it’s to be expected.

This movie still dealt with some heavy themes, just different ones from the first which I like. This movie took place quite a few years after the first one. Jake and Neytiri have gotten married and had kids who are mostly grown up at this point.

This movie does still show the greed of humans, racism, and other things, but it also deals with family and the
struggles parent’s face to protect their children.

This movie showed a huge change in Jake as he navigates going from being not only human before but a warrior as well to now being a dad. When the humans, or as they refer to them the sky people, come back, he has to figure out how to be all of those things so he can keep his family safe.

I’ve always liked the first Avatar movie but I wouldn’t call myself a huge fan of it. I think I’ve seen it twice since it originally came out. However, the second movie exceeded any expectations I could have had about it. It was worth seeing and I recommend that everyone

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