We need to address our toxic relationship with lip balm

Lip balm is like a toxic relationship: it promises to bring peace but leaves you worse off than before.

As the weather worsens, cracked and dried skin plagues everyone who steps outside for even a moment, so lip balm feels like a necessity.

But is this product what it’s cracked up to be? No. No it’s not.

Society’s obsession with lip balm is an epidemic, and people need to be more aware of its issues.

First of all, its affects are temporary. Lip balms provide nothing more than momentary relief, according to TheList.com.

It is completely counter-productive to invest in something that doesn’t always work.

It’s an addictive product. Sure, there is no nicotine involved in its making, but once someone gets too comfortable with the feeling of lib balm and applies it constantly throughout the day, there’s an issue.

It causes people to go out of their way to get it even if it’s at the expense of being on time, and it’s money down the drain.

Also, if lip balm is not in hand for one occasion, it can be extremely painful to deal with that inflamed skin.

Scented and flavored lip balms like ChapSticks further irritate skin, according to American Academy of Dermatology Association (AAD).

These products with flavors, like mint, eucalyptus, citrus, peppermint and more, are known to take out the natural oils on your lips which leads to quicker evaporation of liquid.

Even if products are promised to be medicated, like Blistex, there is still the integration of the artificial scent. It’s better to avoid all of these lip balms and try Vaseline instead.

Used in moderation, this application is not harmful. As stated before, it can provide temporary relief for irritated skin. Before bed, lip balm can be applied to repair the lips overnight, but constant use makes for bad habits and irritation.

The barrier created by lip balm traps in moisture, but if used habitually, the skin refuses to produce healthy oils on its own, according to TheList.com.

It’s painful to be reliant on lip balm, and lips are a thin layer of skin prone to dryness. It’s important to take care of them using other, more reliable techniques that aren’t useless money-grabs.

The actual solutions to chapped lips are simple, cheap, and actually effective in preventing the problem in the first place.

The first, which is at no cost to you, is to stop licking your lips. Breaking this habit may be hard, but its likely why

The next step is to stay hydrated to keep your skin moist. Another thing to consider is plugging in a humidifier for those who breathe through their mouth at night. Using these self-care tips, dry lips can be healed within a couple weeks, according to Healthline.

Bottom line is be aware of how much you’re using lip balm and take the steps necessary to create healthy habits this winter season.

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