Review: ‘Dont Worry Darling’ is good, but not great

The new Amazon Prime movie Don’t Worry Darling captures similar feelings of many classic movies like the Truman Show and the Stepford Wives. The movie’s narrative is about a woman living in a utopian world (called Victory) where gender roles from the 1950s dominate their life.

Alice, played by Florence Pugh spends her days preparing meals, cleaning, and caring for her husband Jack played by Harry Styles. However, Alice begins to realize that something is not right about this “perfect” little life that she is living.

The movie, while categorized as a drama/thriller has moments of a scary movie or a psychological thriller. As I watched the movie, there were times where I didn’t know who was telling the truth and who was the deceiver.

This is one of my favorite things to experience when I watch a movie, to find the line between what is real and what is fake.

While watching I was on the edge of my seat waiting for the next intense moment. However, there were times where the movie dragged on.

It wasn’t until after the movie was over that I realized how much time there was between the plot points in the movie. While watching they it didn’t seem to drag as long, but for the length of the movie it needed a bit more content.

The suspense was good, but those long pauses between them created a dull feeling.

Even though it did have some similarities to other movies before it, like the Truman show; the time period the selected and the way people entered this utopian world felt unique.

For me the time period added a lot of value to the depth of Jack and the other men’s feelings to care and provide for their families. (Similar to what is seen now in society) It brought out the other women’s feelings in the show about raising children and their value in a family.

A common theme throughout the movie was the role of children, their importance contrasted with life without them. One of the most mind-boggling things about the utopian movie was deciding, “What parts of this is real?”

I think the ending focused too much on leaving plot holes and lining things up for a second film.

The movies intent was to leave people thinking and wondering about this utopian world and the problems it created. Yet, its larger focus on lining itself up for a second movie distracted from its takeaways.

I enjoy movies that leave me wondering about how close reality can come to a place like Victory.

There is something so interesting to me in finding the trends that drive rational people to think irrationally and force themselves into another world that they created.

After watching, these questions remained on my mind, but they were blurred with the dragging plot line and the plot points that seemed irrelevant to the movies goal.

A good movie leaves mysteries to entice you to come back, but a bad movie overdoes those mysteries to the point of annoyance; causing viewers to turn away.

Despite the movies cons I would recommend watching it, especially if you like movies with a twists and turns that blur the lines of reality.

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