Review: ‘Disenchanted’ is a worthwhile sequel

Disney was a big part of my life growing up, as I assume it was for most people. For most little girls, princess movies are everything- everyone has a different favorite princess movie, for most it’s Beauty and the Beast or Snow White.

Mine was always a little bit different. My favorite princess movie growing up was Enchanted.

A quick overview: the movie follows a princess named Giselle in a fairy-tale land. The evil queen pushes her down a well and she leaves her prince and fairytale land for a much scarier place: New York City.

Now, it is a Disney movie, so everything turns out okay in the end. She meets her real soulmate, saves the day, lives happily ever after.

So, imagine my surprise when they announced it wasn’t happily ever after after all. Disney’s Disenchanted came out on Nov. 18 and it was everything they promised it would be.

The original movie gave this one a lot to live up to. It was a fairytale that mixed cartoon and reality. It had singing, dancing, and a very skeptical Patrick Dempsey. All of these things made the original perfect.

Disenchanted started off on a strong foot by making sure to bring back the original cast. Patrick Dempsey was back as Robert, Amy Adams as Giselle, Idina Menzel as Nancy, and James Marsden as Edward. Morgan even made a return in this film, although she was played by someone new.

They also included singing, which was a vital part of the first movie and is for this one as well.

This movie, without giving spoilers, follow Giselle as she struggles with her version of happily ever after. New York is much different than her home, and happily ever after doesn’t necessarily exist in the real world. You might get the happy ending, but then you have to keep working to make it last.

Giselle goes looking for something a little bit closer to what she had at home and ends up putting this world, and her old world, in grave danger.

The plot of the movie was enough to keep viewers on the edge of their seats, from the very beginning there were riveting problems for the characters to face.

If you’re a fan of the original, it’s nail biting because everything in that movie is at risk of falling apart.

Morgan is grown up and wants to figure things out on her own. Robert is busy with work and commuting back into the city after their move. The start just feels like the magic of the first movie is gone and its only real life now.

However, as the movie goes on, the magic comes back, the singing, the dancing, and most importantly, the true love.

I think there’s something beautiful in these movies as they romanticize real life. They show that you don’t have to be a princess to get your happily ever after. Maybe the right person isn’t a prince named Edward, but a lawyer named Robert.

These movies show that magic exists everywhere and even if your life isn’t how you expected it to turn out, that doesn’t mean that it’s wrong.

Overall, this movie is a much watch for anyone who was a fan of the original. It’s also a much watch for those who haven’t seen Enchanted, which is a crime, so you should watch that one right away too.

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