Review: Taylor Swift’s new album, ‘Midnights’ is a hit

Music is a big part of most people’s lives. It’s what they listen to in the car and what they turn to when they’re sad. Music can impact a person in ways unimaginable.

Everyone has a favorite artist. The one they listen to no matter what’s going on in their lives. The one that can bring them out of a bad mood. For a lot of people, that artist is Taylor Swift. Her new album, “Midnights,” offers her fans yet another amazing album to listen to.

“Midnights” offers listeners a glimpse into her life that maybe they haven’t gotten to see before. She talks about her fears and struggles all throughout but especially in songs like “Anti-hero.”

This album is a bit different than her last two. “Folklore” and “Evermore” both had a more folk music vibe to them. Most songs were slower and had a softer vibe to them. They were also told in the forms of stories.

Those two albums could be broken up into what she called “chapters” that told the story of the characters she had created.

Songs like “Betty” showed the ups and downs of young love and the struggles of being with someone who isn’t good for you.

“Midnights” is much different than this. Besides being mostly about her own experiences, this album shows her return to pop music as well. The songs are much more upbeat and have a closer vibe to “1989.”

Some of the songs do still have a similar idea. Songs like “Anti-hero” are still telling a story through music.

The story, this time, is just a little bit different. Instead of being about young love, this one is about a selfish person who only thinks about themselves.

It’s unclear if this song has any basis in reality, but it feels almost like a deepest fear. Like maybe that’s the kind of person Taylor is afraid of becoming.

Fame can change a person in a lot of ways. A lot of people end up like she describes in the song, an antihero.

The true masterpiece of this album though is the lyrics. Taylor Swift has always been good at writing songs that put what other people are feeling into words. This album is no different.

She has a way of making her words hit deep, almost in a poetic way. This really shines through in some of the songs in this album.

In songs like “Sweet Nothing” she sings about being in love with someone who never asks anything from you. They’re with you purely because they love you and not for anything else, which many have assumed is about her current partner.

“Karma” on the other hand is about her having good karma while the other person she’s talking about doesn’t. She describes karma for her as something good but for them it’s something to be afraid of.

This song is speculated to be about her infamous feud with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

This album is a great listen for anyone who likes pop music or was a bigger fan of “1989” and “Reputation.” It gives off the same upbeat vibes as those albums while still having deep and meaningful lyrics.

It has the perfect amount of upbeat and slower songs, making it good for any mood you might be in. The album maintains a calmer vibe while still having a few upbeat songs.

All in all, this album is well written, complex, and a must listen for everyone, but it’s especially a treat for those who already like Taylor Swift

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