Relationships need more honest communication to thrive

One of the greatest blessings in life is human connections.

The fact that we can make friends, form relationships, and support one another day after day is simply beautiful, and a lot of happiness and even knowledge can be derived from relationships with friends, loved ones and family members.

Looking at human relationships from a slightly less cheerful viewpoint, however, most of us have also experienced the falling out of a friendship or relationship.

Whether it be from an argument, miscommunication, or a simple halt in talking, it can be sad to lose someone you once cared about so deeply.

Lately, I have debated why this is such a common experience – How does a person go from being someone we think we could not live without to virtually a stranger?

The conclusion I have come to is that open and honest communication is the most essential and important element of relationships in our lives, and a lot of people seem to lack the skill.

As a little kid, you may remember teachers asking what superpower you would choose if you could pick one, some may have said levitation, others time travel, however a common answer was the ability to read minds.

Even from a young age, we wish we knew what others were thinking.

Rightfully so, because life would be so much easier if we knew what others were thinking, many of the problems in our lives stem from bad communication.

For example, many of us have concealed our true opinions and emotions in fear of hurting others.

Understandably, it can be uncomfortable to be honest with others when our opinions oppose theirs, however, we all deserve to be heard out by others, and to put your feelings on the backburner in hopes of sparing someone else’s is hurting you more than anyone else.

Another example can be seen when one does not attempt to communicate at all.

Admittedly, I am guilty of not talking to people because of a busy schedule or just pure laziness, but keeping in touch with friends can obviously put a damper on a relationship.

Even just a simple, “How are you doing?” or “Fill me in!” can contribute so much to a relationship. Even though we can get busy, making it a point to care about your loved ones can contribute so much to a relationship.

Finally, assuming loved ones feel one way can also harm a relationship.

It can be easy to assume our friends and family are mad at us in times of conflict. However, you will never truly know how another person feels until you ask them.

Simply just telling another person your questions and opening up the door for honesty can relieve your own brain of so much stress and anxiety.

Not communicating with others is ultimately harming yourself more than anyone else.

My advice is to familiarize yourself with your own feelings and make it a point to let your loved ones know what you’re thinking. Not only that but listen to their feelings as well.

Simply have an honest conversation.

I encourage you to take time to know yourself, your feelings, your thoughts, and simply just let others know when you are ready. Except when the topic of politics arises at the Thanksgiving dinner table. Then, my advice to you is to sit back and maybe stay quiet.

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