Cardinals Vote holds mock polling for students

Cardinals Vote, a non-partisan group at Saginaw Valley State University that operates through the Center
for Community Engagement and Experiential Learning, hosted a mock polling event on Oct. 25 in the Unity Room.

The event gave students an opportunity to experience their own walkthrough of the election day process, which was especially beneficial for students unsure of what to expect come Election Day on Nov. 8.

Nikolas Baker is a political science sophomore who coordinated the event.

He said the event was important because it gave students a closer look at the voting process, something which can seem intimidating to many people unfamiliar with its ins and outs.

“There is a general process that most polling places follow, so once someone has done it once, they will
feel much more comfortable voting,” Baker said. “This walkthrough was very low-stakes and allows students to experience ‘voting’ for the first time without there being any consequence to making a mistake.”

Baker coordinated with the Kochville Township clerk and deputy clerk to receive the help and resources needed to run the event.

“Like all of our other events, if anyone has any non-partisan-related election questions, we are happy to answer them,” Baker said. “Young people generally vote in lower numbers and can be discouraged from voting much easier. This event can hopefully show students that voting is not scary and encourage them to exercise their right to vote.”

Riley Hupfer is the director of the Center for Community Engagement and Experimential Learning who attended and helped oversee the event. He said that the voting process can appear daunting to those who have never been through the voting process as well as those who may need a refresher, since there is a lot involved.

“Knowing what to expect and being properly prepared makes for an easier time at the polls, where students can focus on their ballot and exercising their right,” Hupfer said.

Hupfer said that the event was intended to help people feel more knowledgeable and confident about the voting process and what their plans will be on or before Election Day.

“The ultimate goal is to help student voters feel more prepared to exercise their right to vote on Nov. 8, and in all elections ahead,” Hupfer said. “We’re here to educate voters on the processes while they’re here at SVSU, and as they vote in other communities after graduation. There are many rules to navigate in the election process and everyone’s story is unique.”

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