Program board and OMSA host OUT-ober festivities

The LGBTQ+ Programs and Services team shows its shared passion and pride by hosting a Pride Pumpkin Painting during OUT-tober. Vanguard Photographer | Anna Alexander

Program Board and the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs hosted a Pride Pumpkin Painting event in the Student Programming Room Tuesday.

Dozens of students got together to support the event and paint their own mini pumpkins for their dorms or other displays.

At the event, students also had the opportunity to connect with and learn about SVSU’s LGBTQ+ programs and servces.

All students were welcome at the event, and there was no cost to attend and participate, with all pumpkins and decorating supplies being provided to students by Program Board and OMSA.

Andy Grossmeyer is a social work freshman who helped organize and execute the event. He is part of the LGBTQ+ Programs and Services office, which has worked to organize events such as Out-tober, the pride month that is celebrated on campus.

He said events like the Pride Pumpkin Painting are important because they help inform the community about the LGBTQ+

Programs and Services office. “They also give us the opportunity to interact with students on campus,” he said. “This event gives students a fun, creative way to express themselves, including their LGBTQ+ identities.”

Grossmeyer said they are working on organizing more events throughout the academic year.

Katelyn Engles (left) and Tara Newman (right) show off their respective spooky pumpkins during the Pride Pumpkin Painting event on Oct. 18. Vanguard Photographer | Anna Alexander

“We have two more events for OUT-tober,” Grossmeyer said. “Trivia Night is October 20th in the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs Resource Room. The OUTtober Social is put on in association with F.E.M.E., and it is October 25th in the Student Life Rotunda.”

Jordan Kryscynski is a psychology sophomore who works as one of the senior event planners for Program Board, an RSO which collaborated with the LGBTQ+ Program and Services office for their OUT-tober events.

Kryscynski said that events like these are a great way to bring the community together.

“These types of events are not only a perfect way for students to get out and meet new friends, but they also provide a great opportunity to educate oneself on things that may be unfamiliar to them,” she said. “This event is a great way to get creative
and relieve some stress that all students experience at some point.”

Molly Schloegl is a sophomore who heard of the event through her roommates who work with Program Board.

Schloegl said that she’s attended several Pinterest night events on campus and that she feels they are all done well.

“There is so much planning that goes into an event like this and they always turn out very nice,” she said. “You can tell that the staff is prepared, the setup is always convenient, and the crafts are always fun to do.”

Schloegl said her favorite pumpkin design she saw was one painted like a cupcake and that she enjoyed the opportunity to make new friends.

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