Police Briefs

Wet wipe complaint

On Oct. 12, officers contacted a resident via telephone regarding an unknown subject placing a wet wipe packet on the windshield of their vehicle that was parked in parking lot K. No damage was reported on the vehicle and there are no suspects in this case.

Lost fake ID

On Oct. 8, officers were notified by University Police Dispatch that a Michigan driver’s license was turned into them by a resident assistant in Pine Grove. The resident assistant stated they believed the ID was fake. The ID was confiscated, and the student was informed that it is a criminal offense to possess a fake ID.

Student steals food

On Oct. 12, officers responded toLiving Center Southwest regardingfood being eaten by an unknown person. The residents of roombelieve someone is entering their dorm and eating their food. Officers found no signs of anunknown person entering theirdorm.

Cement barricade struck

On Oct. 15, officers respondedto parking lot J-2 for a call for avehicle that had struck a cement barricade. The SVSU commuter student stated they didn’t see the barricade. The driver was not injured in the accident.

‘Never mind’

On Oct. 17, officers were dispatched to University Village after a woman called 911 crying and said she wanted to report a domestic, then said, “never mind” and hung up. Officers were advised by the woman’s friend that the woman and an unknown subject got into a verbal argument. The woman’s friend said the woman walked home and texted that she got home safe. Officers attempted to call the woman that called 911 and was sent to voicemail 3 times. This case is still under investigation.

Assault report

On Oct. 17, officers responded to University Village regarding a student wanting to report an assault that occurred on Oct. 2. Officers responded to University Village and met with the student and Resident director. The student was unsure if they wanted to pursue criminal charges for the assault at this time.

Creepy ex-boyfriend

On Oct. 18, officers spoke with an SVSU resident student at the SVSU Police Department about issues they are having with their ex-boyfriend (non-student). The student advised they just broke up with their boyfriend and is concerned he will come to their dorm room to speak with them. The student advised the ex has no history of abuse or stalking and just wanted the incident documented.

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