‘Five Minute Crafts’ is infuriating and out of control

Everyday when I’m scrolling through my social media, the same page always comes up. I don’t follow them, I’ve never liked one of their videos, yet I can’t seem to escape them.

Now you may be asking what social media page is so bad that I don’t ever want to see it again. The answer is 5-minute crafts.

For those who don’t know, 5-minute crafts is a page that posts craft videos and life tips that, in theory, are only supposed to take five minutes.

The idea itself is brilliant, but 5-minute crafts has taken it way out of hand. Now, instead of being fun craft ideas, they show the most absurd things.

One popped up on my for-you-page this morning and was about how to keep fruits and vegetables fresh longer. Sounds helpful, right? Some of them were.

However, there was a part where they took a watermelon and covered it in cement to keep it fresh. Who
would do that? What logical person would say “I need to keep my watermelon fresh a few days longer, let me just cover it in cement?”

It’s like the producers think of the most ridiculous things that they can and then make a video about it.

Not to mention, most of them take way longer than five minutes to actually do. They’ve gotten so complicated, especially with the tools needed to make some of these things.

Another video showed melting bottle caps down to make a cutting board. The idea itself is really cool but it takes much longer than five minutes and involves tools an average person probably doesn’t have.

They also seem to be posting articles about things you should never listen to 5-minute crafts about. The one is “How to Get Rid of a Stye.”

You should never turn to the internet for medical advice but especially not 5-minute crafts. Why do they think they’re qualified for this? They’re not. If you have a stye, you should go see an eye doctor.

Other than the “crafts” being insane, and sometimes dangerous, I can’t seem to escape them. I don’t know why Tik Tok and Instagram thinks that I like these videos so much. I don’t. They’re like my very own version of purgatory.

Does anyone truly like these ridiculous videos? Who is watching them enough to keep this company in business? I feel like they have to be buying followers at this point because nothing else makes sense.

I can’t imagine anyone sitting down and choosing to watch these. Are they paying off the social media companies? Or is it some weird kind of guilty pleasure people have? I like watching bad reality tv for mine. Is this some people’s version of that?

How do people work for this company? If they asked me to film some of these videos, I’d quit.

Maybe some of their problems would be solved if they changed the name. Instead of 5-minute crafts, they could be called useless crafts that nobody will ever actually use.

Or even better, the videos could stop showing up on my for you page all the time and I’d be just happy. I’d pay to never have to see one of these ridiculous vides ever again in my lifetime.

Additional Commentary from A&E Editor Trinity Sullivan

Alyssa is without a doubt correct, and “Five Minute Crafts” is the absolute bane of my existence, too.

I can’t get over how absolutely wasteful some of the things shown in their videos are.

Besides the obvious hacking up of perfectly fine pants to create a horribly frankensteined halter top thats going to fray and disintegrate the first time you wash it because you used hot glue to hold it together, their recipies, crafts, and hacks are fake, misleading, and impossible.

Because they appeal to a younger audience who can distinguish faked videos as easily, there are countless videos of people tryoing in vain to replicate their crafts, disapointed at the failed results.

This is not only a waste of physical resources, but a waste of people’s creativity and confidence.

If a child sees a video about how easy it is to make somme random, elaborate looking recipie, craft, or hack and follow the instructions just to wind up with a massive failure, what does it teach them?

If a kid dosen’t realize the original video was faked, it teaches that child that they arent good enough.

Instead of building confidence in their passion, they could end up feeling frustrated, embarassed, and dumb for not being able to follow a “simple” video.

Not only are their videos repetitive, but they’re useless, misleading, and hurtful. Some crafts shown are dangerously inexplained, and could get someone hurt.

“Five Minute Crafts” needs to stop wasting everyone’s time already

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