Wind Ensemble performs debut for fall semester

Directing the ensemble, band director Dr. Norman Wika leads them in song. The band performed on Oct. 6. It was their first concert of the 2022-23 school year. Vanguard Photographer | Capri Kloha

The music department held a concert featuring the wind ensemble on Thursday, Oct. 6.

The ensemble was conducted by Saginaw Valley State University’s Director of Bands, Norman Wika.

The group performed five pieces of music, including “Appalachian Counterpoint” by David Gillingham, “Can They Dream?” By Bryce Craig, “Tanze aus Terpsichore” by Michael Praetorius, “Evening Song” by Joseph Rheinberger and “Three Ostinatos” by Roger Zare.

Wika shared his hopes for the event as it was the first performance for the wind ensemble this school year.

“I programmed a wide variety of music so hopefully everyone can find something they enjoy, something that challenges them and something that makes them think,” he said. “I hope to share the work that students have done to prepare and perform these pieces.”

Wika said the wind ensemble meets twice a week for two-hour rehearsals.

Elementary education junior Nikki Rooseboom plays clarinet in the ensemble.

Rooseboom said this year is her first year playing in the ensemble. Her favorite piece from the performance is “Tanze aus Terpsichore”, however, she believed the audience would enjoy “Appalachian Counterpoint” the most.

Students meticulously follow their sheet music and follow the song. One of five the songs they played was “Appalachian Counterpoint” by David Gillingham. Vanguard Photographer | Capri Kloha

Sophomore art major Angelina Jolicoeur and sophomore English major Claire Ball attended the event in support of a roommate. Joliceur said the event gave her nostalgia..

“This was my first time coming to one of these events,” she said. “It brought back a lot of memories from being in band in high school.”

In alignment with Rooseboom’s prediction, Joliceur and Ball agreed that their favorite song of the night was “Appalachian Counterpoint” by David Gillingham.

A large portion of the audience consisted of music majors supporting the ensemble.

Senior music major Ryan Davidson, a frequent participant of music department events, attended the concert to support his friends in the ensemble.

“I think it was a really solid performance,” he said. “They all stayed really well in time together and it came off to the audience really good as well.”

Victor Davidson, a junior music major, also frequently attends the music department events. Davidson spoke highly of the performance.

“[I think] the performance was pretty good,” he said. “It’s a bunch of talented people playing music which is always good.”

The wind ensemble’s next performance is scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 1 at 7:30 in the Rhea Miller Recital Hall.

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