Volleyball wins against Purdue University Northwest

The volleyball team cheers as they score another point. The team won a total of three matches against Purdue University. The next game will be on Oct. 7 at 5 p.m. Vanguard Photographer | Capri Khola

A successful and triumphant win over Purdue Northwest this past Friday ended the SVSU Volleyball three match losing streak in the GLIAC conference.

The Cardinals and Purdue Northwest bartered for three long matches that ended in 25-18, 25-22, and 25-22. The game occurred right here at home in the Hamilton gymnasium and left crowds excited to see what the Cardinals will accomplish next. This victory led them to a 9-7 season, which placed the team at 5-3 in the GLIAC tournament.

SVSU held Northwest’s percentages down right from the beginning of the first match. After Northwest took the lead due to Cardinal service error, Sarah Veale bounced back and dominated the court with a 17-10 service lead–two of which happened to be aces.

The two teams battled back and forth for the last seven points of the match, and the Cardinals ended up pulling out the win.

The team lost their footing when Purdue took an 11-5 lead in the second match, but an impressive offensive performance by Patricia Pratt helped the Cardinals to regain its balance and earn some points.

The Cardinals continued in a similar fashion for the beginning of the last match until it soared past Purdue Northwest
once again.

Purdue carried with a 13-6 lead until Rylee Zimmer and Peyton Gerstack came through with an explosive attack performance. The two teams battled each rally until the Cardinals soared to a 22-19 lead over Northwest.

SVSU called a timeout, which slowed some of its momentum and allowed Purdue to gain three points and tied it up 22-22.

Two offensive errors by Northwest allowed Rylee Zimmer to seal the SVSU victory.

Madison Thompson, second-year hitter from Reese, scored ten kills throughout the three matches.

“Overall, Purdue has been challenging everyone in the GLIAC so it was good that we closed out the game in three sets. We had solid contributions from our pin hitters, which allowed us to spread the offense and we locked down on serve receive, which led us to success.”

Rylee Zimmer, junior hitter, also had 10 kills which helped the Cardinals to forge ahead with a strong offense. Zimmer also held up a strong back row with 16 digs. This was closely followed by Kelsey Vittiow, sophomore defensive specialist, who also had a strong defensive performance with 13 digs.

The Cardinals continue with its season on Oct. 7 at Davenport University at 5 p.m.

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