Review: ‘The Black Phone’ is a true chilling thriller movie

Horror movies seem all the same nowadays. It’s almost too predictable. Killer goes after group, each one dies, final girl does something crazy and wins. I love these movies but sometimes knowing the ending gets boring.

That’s just one reason I’ve always loved psychological thrillers. The ending is never as easy to guess. You actually have to watch to figure out what’s going to happen.

With Halloween coming up, a ton are starting to come out. One that just came out is “The Black Phone”.

“The Black Phone” (without any spoilers) is about a serial killer who kidnaps a young boy. A black phone keeps ringing in the basement and gives the boy clues on how to get out.

This movie kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. It’s one where you never know what is going to happen next.

The killer is obviously unhinged and that shows throughout the whole movie. The movie was based off a book which was written by Joe Hill, also known as Stephen King’s son.

Stephen King is known for his twists. His books never end the way you think they’re going to, and his son followed in his footsteps.

The movie is more than just a slasher film where they have to catch the serial killer. There’s a little girl who’s trying to solve the case through dreams and so much more.

Ethan Hawke plays the killer, and I won’t lie, when I saw that I was a little worried. He’s a good actor but is he really cut out to play in a horror movie? Nonetheless, the killer of a horror movie?

This one was more complicated than Jason or Michael. It’s not a killer who just slowly follows behind and never talks. Hawke had to act completely insane. I mean, the killer is literally called ‘The Grabber’. And Hawke did a great job. He played a character who is unlikeable and scary, exactly as he needed to.

The little boy, played by Mason Thames, also gave an unforgettable performance. Child actors can be a huge risk but he made the movie even better. It’s obvious throughout the movie that the little boy is supposed to be the underdog. He’s not the person you expect to win.

At the same time, he has a lot going on at home. The kind of things that most kids would want to run away from. Thames does a great job of handling these heavy topics. A horror movie dealing with children has to be done right and can’t be taken lightly. Hawke and Thames both did their part to make the movie great.

Another reason this movie is so scary, which I’ve talked about before, is how realistic the movie is. There’s hints of things that wouldn’t happen in real life but most of the movie is pretty realistic.

The main part of the movie is just about a child serial killer and one of his victims. That alone sounds like a good plot.

It’s scary to think that things like this happen every day in society. Seeing what could be is more terrifying than the usual fantasy.

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