OMSA and Program Board host Latinx Craft Night

Voted best pinatas by members of Program Board were electrical engineering freshman Trista Cleveland (left), business and marketing junior Ben Schroder (middle), and nursing sophomore Brooke Tessmer. Each shows their pinatas. Vanguard Photographer | Sarah Brege

The Office of Multicultural Students Affairs (OMSA) and Program Board hosted a Latinx Craft Night on Sept. 19 to build piñatas.

OMSA’s graduate assistant and Master of Social Work student Angelica Johnson explained the cultural significance of the piñatas:

“While piñatas used to have much more religious symbolism, today they are used more for celebrations andbirthdays,” Johnson said. “There are so many different types and styles of piñatas, most kids will have cartoon shaped piñatas at their parties, others are shaped like people, fruits, or everyday objects. In Mexico, star shaped piñatas are also popular around Christmas.”

In the Student Life Center, students created their own piñatas while listening to traditional Mexican music. They also had the chance to win basket prizes and candy.

Program Board’s senior event planner and social work sophomore Jenna Krolak went on to explain more about the event:

“I feel as though the event went very well,” she said. “We had a great turn out and we got to see so many creative pinatas and so many new faces.”

OMSA and Program Board collaborated to put together these events for Latinx to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, which is Sept. 15 to Oct. 15.

“The event turned out amazing as around 50 students came out and participated,” Johnson said. “I was happy to see that students wanted to be engaged in cultural programming and learning about culture and traditions.”

Aside from craft night, OMSA hosted an event called Resource Day on Friday, Sept. 23. Students learned about Latinx culture and spun a wheel to win prizes.

“I believe OMSA is an amazing office and resource on campus that we are very lucky to have,” Krolak said. “Everyone that works within the office is amazing and is so dedicated to what they do.”

English education freshman Nola Boyle shows her pinata. Vanguard Photographer Sarah Brege

Everyone is welcome to attend Latinx events.

“People should come to Latinx events because it promotes inclusivity and helps you to learn about the community,” Krolak said.

“I thought it was pretty fun, and it was a fun way to do arts and crafts.” Braun said. “Also, it’s a great way to meet new people.”

OMSA and Program Board will continue to host events through Hispanic Heritage Month. Upcoming events include: Lotería Night on Sept. 29 and Latinx Dance Night on Oct. 4. For more information, contact Roberto Garcia at

“People should come to Latinx events because it is important to know about all diverse populations,” Johnson said. “It is essential to continue to spread awareness about all cultures and populations.”

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