Valley Nights and Program Board combine to join forces

Over the years, organizations like Valley Nights and Program Board have provided free events for all students. These two organizations in specific have brought some of the most popular and student-loved events.

Valley Nights specialized in weekend events and Program Board provided other events during the week. In a new and collaborative partnership, the two student-led organizations have decided to combine.

Currently, Program Board and Valley Nights are one organization, referred to as just Program Board now.

Andrew Giglio, fourth-year Marketing major and Program Board president, spoke on the motive and goals behind this decision.

“The main goal is to create a more general platform for two organizations with a similar goal.”

Finances and budget allocations had influence on the decision as well, Giglio noted.

“We were also able to combine our funds to create a more refined and productive allocation system.”

Allison Hummel, sophomore supply chain management major, is the new allocation manager for Program Board.

This role stabilizes the funding process so that the events on campus still remain free without putting the stress on the RSO to figure out the budget.

In similar fashion to previous years, Program Board plans to continue both the Coffee House and Pinterest Night events this year. Each of these will occur more than once throughout the year, as they are series events.

In addition, a new event called Valley Nights Gaming will make its debut this fall. This is an attempt to commemorate Valley Nights and its newfound home under Program Board.

Program Board will also continue special events like Halloween Bash and Stuff-a-Critter this year.

Giglio told The Vanguard he was looking forward to seeing what other events the team comes up with throughout the semester.

“I’m so excited to be able to work with such an amazing e-board. This is a new experience for all of us, and being able to lean on such hardworking people is so great.”

The first Valley Nights Gaming event took place on Sept. 8 in the Student Life Center.

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