The Lotus Project provides a safe space for all

Nursing seniors Abby Lange (left) and Anna Peruski (right) created The Lotus Project
to help students dealing with mental health issues.
Vanguard Photographer | Sarah Brege

Fourth-year nursing major Anna Peruski has had a dream ever since the Oxford shooting last year–a dream that is now coming to fruition right here on SVSU’s campus.

Peruski believes in supporting mental health and the way it can impact a person’s life. As an individual from the Oxford area, the event of Oxford High School’s school shooting moved her to start The Lotus Project.

The project aims to provide a safe space for all students to go, and will be located in Wickes 267.

Peruski said that the project is “made for anyone and everyone,” as indicated by its slogan, “Find People. Find Peace.”

“The Lotus Project has the potential to unite students in their struggles beyond the room itself,” Peruski said.

In terms of a team and outside student involvement, Peruski also noted that the project could not have been possible without help from her fellow students, friends, and colleagues.

“Austin Urlaub helped coordinate events. Haley Carneghi designed the logo. Sasha Neff jumped in and helped at the Red Pride Picnic,” she said. “Sidney Coltson made our T-shirts. Abby Lange has shared the vision for creating the foundation of this room. Marcia Ditmyer has empowered students to take action. As much as it has been me leading, it has been the work of everyone together that has made this project happen.”

The Mental Health and Wellness Center here on campus is also partnering with Peruski on this project to provide even more places for struggling students to go.

The Mental Health and Wellness Center supports students through a variety of different resources. One thing they offer is on campus counseling.

Students who are struggling can make an appointment by calling the center at 989-964-7078 or stopping by the office at Curtiss 112. These appointments can be held in person or virtually.

If students need immediate help, they can call the office and press “0” to speak with a trained mental health crisis counselor.

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