Relay for Life prepares for the school year ahead

SVSU’s Relay for Life chapter is ready for the 2022-23 academic year, with a goal to raise $5,000 more than last school year.

Rehabilitation medicine senior Meghan Stange is serving as the president of SVSU’s Relay for Life chapter and said it is focusing on building its membership and fundraising.

“Our fundraising goal for this academic year is $15,000. We hope to reach this through our monthly fundraisers and having ‘Relay Week’ in March again,” Stange said.

Last academic year, Relay for Life raised $10,000. This school year, Relay for Life has many fun events coming up to exceed this goal.

“We have upcoming plans to collaborate with the Program Board and it is my hope that we continue to collab with different RSOs around campus,” said Stange.

Some of these events will include Relay for Life Week and trivia nights. Stange noted that trivia nights were some of their best events last semester

“Students should get involved in Relay because our fundraising money goes towards cancer research, transportation to and from treatments, places to stay near treatment centers [and more],” Stange said. “What we do may seem small, but we have a long-lasting impact with every dollar that we raise.”

These causes are important to Stange and her team, she said. To her, it’s more than just the work
the team puts in.

“I love being involved in Relay because it gives me a sense of fulfillment,” Stange said. “Not only
are we raising money that will go directly toward the American Cancer Society, but we also get to work with some amazing people. Our members have always been so eager to help, I can’t wait for another great year with them.”

Criminal justice junior Caitlyn Agee is the vice president of Relay for Life at SVSU and said she loves what she does.

“I love that I can try to give back and raise awareness about cancer…it helps me honor my loved ones who have passed from this horrible illness.”

Agee also works on the social media for Relay for Life and makes sure the campus knows what’s happening during the semester.

This academic year, Relay for Life will also be selling discounted merch leftover from the Relay Week held this past March.

Last school year’s Relay for Life Week included a 5k race, a 3×3 basketball tournament and an RSO garage sale. This event usually takes place during the winter semester and is their biggest fundraiser of the year.

The Relay for Life team encourages students to watch its social media page for more events happening this semester.

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