Universities charging students for honor cords makes students feel disrespected

SVSU should provide their students honor cords free of charge for their graduation day.

Students at SVSU spend thousands of dollars every semester on tuition, books, and room and board.

The last thing they need is more expenses during their final weeks as students.

After four or more long years of studies, many SVSU students lined up last week outside the bookstore to pick up their cap and gown, the big day just weeks away.

A friend of mine lined up to get his cap and gown, as well as the goodie bag that was handed out for all graduating seniors at the Graduation Fair.

When he was handed his items, the person at the table asked him if he wanted his honor cords.

He said yes, like anyone would.

After all those long years of studying, he deserved them.

“That will be $15,” they said.

Despite already paying $90 just to walk at the graduation ceremony, SVSU expects their students to pay for their own honor chords as well.

Paying $90 for graduation, cap, and gown, while expensive, is understandable.

Paying for your honor cords is not.

Currently you can buy honor chords for about seven different honors on eBay or Amazon.

Not only is SVSU charging them for the honor cords, but they are making a profit off them.

It really comes down to the principle of the thing.

Paying money for something is normal, but if you earned something, you shouldn’t have to pay for it.

If I ran in a 5k and won first place, but they made me pay $15 just to receive the medal, I wouldn’t buy it.

I already paid $40 to just run the race in the first place.

The point of achieving an award or receiving recognition for something is that someone is honoring you.

After all, they are called honor cords.

If SVSU would give their students their honor cords, it would honor the students for their hard work.

Instead, students feel dishonored by the fact that they must pay for them.

It’s not just about paying for the cords, but the attitude that that action brings SVSU.

It makes it seem like SVSU doesn’t value students’ hard work and dedication.

The least SVSU could do is provide the honor cords.

The students who earn their honor cords are the ones that put in the extra time to get good grades.

They are the students at the library until the librarians are turning the lights off at eleven.

These students are wrapping up their last semester and likely have student debt and are working to get their first job with their degree.

They are broke and ready to walk across the stage proud of their accomplishments, but right as they get ready for their big day, they get asked to pay for their cords.

This isn’t just about SVSU, but all universities that charge students for their honors cords.

It dishonors students and reflects poorly on the university.

The graduation rate at SVSU is 40.1% for full-time students who start their college career at SVSU, meaning most students who start at SVSU don’t make it to graduation, yet alone earn honors.

SVSU owes it to the students that do make it to graduation to give them their honor cords as a gift.

The cords should be freely given to honor students for all their hard work and dedication during their time at SVSU.

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