Pastries and Politics holds final event of the year

Anhal Kozhaya, a political science sophomore on exchange from Lebanon, voices his opinions at the final event of the year. Vanguard Photographer | Ryan Pelletier

The College of Democrats and the College of Republicans hosted their final Pastries and Politics event of the semester on Thursday.

The topic discussed was foreign policy and domestic policy.

The attendees were lined and split into seven groups. In each group they were given a topic to discuss regarding foreign and domestic policies.

At the end of the designated time, each group had to pick a spokesperson to bring their groups thoughts to the table.

The attendees enjoyed snacks and a time of lively discussion throughout the event.

Music education sophomore Kendrick Raleigh attended the event. It was his first time attending a Pastries and Politics event. He said they received 10 minutes for their group discussion time.

“[That] was plenty of time for our groups to answer the questions that we were given,” he said. “Most of the questions took us around 5 minutes or less to talk about and for the rest of the time I got to know my group members better.”

Raleigh said what he came up with was different from other people in his groups because of how he sees the world.

Pastries and Politics look forward to holding more discussions and events through out the 2022/2023 school year. Vanguard Photographer | Ryan Pelletier

“My answers revolved around what I believed was the most impactful that is happening in our society,” Raleigh said. “Everyone in my group brought their own views because of their own background. After we answered the given questions, we talked about what our majors were and what classes that are required for them. The variety of our different majors allowed us to bring forth multiple ideas to answer the questions.”

Raleigh was selected to bring his groups ideas for the big group discussion. All the groups got to share their thoughts on conversation points.

President of the College of Democrats Diva Patel said the topic was chosen by the members at the last event.

Patel said that they look forward to and hope to have more Pastries and Politics events in the fall semester.

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