Review: ‘Fresh’ is a realistic horror movie, making it completely horrifying

As a fan of horror movies, I watch every single one that comes out.

I never miss an opportunity.

So as soon as I heard the movie “Fresh” was out on Hulu, I had to watch it.

I had no expectations going into this movie and it still somehow managed to exceed them.

Now, this is for sure not the typical horror movie.

It doesn’t contain some undead slasher killer or paranormal force.

In fact, it deals with someone arguably much scarier: a normal person.

This movie, without giving away any spoilers, shows the relationship between a man (Sebastian Stan) and the woman he has just started seeing.

Things seem to be going well until he takes her on a weekend trip and everything starts going terribly wrong.

The movie is scary because it’s not about this unreachable horror.

It’s not something that is entirely impossible.

I think slasher movies, like “Friday the 13th” or “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” are a little less scary because you know it could never happen to you.

The events in “Fresh,” while probably a little extreme, are completely possible.

There’s no psycho killer who has a crazy weakness.

It’s a normal man whom you probably wouldn’t think anything of if you saw him on the street.

He starts out so normal and even a little bit charming in his own almost dorky way.

He keeps up this act until he’s able to get exactly what he wants from her.

To me, that is the scariest kind of horror movie.

The kind where, at the end, you question the choices you’ve been making in your own personal life.

This movie makes you question not only how well you truly know someone, but especially how well you can trust the person you’re dating.

It’s impossible to know what they’re hiding from you.

How can you be sure that someone in your life isn’t just pretending to get close to you?

Just the thought of someone that I’m that close with lying to be about their entire life makes me sick to my stomach.

I will also warn you, this movie is not for those with a weak stomach.

It is probably one of the most gruesome horror movies I have seen in a long time.

It’s not exactly on a “Saw” level of gore, but it is still pretty gross.

It does show quite a bit, but it’s more of what’s implied that’s most disturbing.

There’s a part towards the end which didn’t even show anything, but it still made me feel sick.

This movie is uncomfortable and hard to watch, but honestly that’s what makes it so good.

The best horror movies are the ones that have some sort of underlying meaning and aren’t just about showing blood and guts.

Those kinds of movies are still good, but they typically rely on jump scares and being gross to scare people.

On the other hand, “Fresh” is the kind of movie that, even if they took out the few scenes of gore, it would still be a scary movie.

It is definitely in the psychological thriller section of horror.

Overall, it depends on what kind of horror movies you typically like.

If you’re a bigger fan of “The Conjuring” or “The Exorcist,” this might not be your favorite.

However, if you like “Midsommar” or “Us,” then I think you’d really like this movie.

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