Valley Nights hosts RuPaul contestant Alexis Michelle

Alexis Michelle ends a number with a split. Vanguard Photographer| Sarah Brege

Alexis Michelle is a well-known drag queen who has competed in “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” Michelle came to SVSU to perform for hundreds of students in the Curtiss banquet halls. Valley Nights helped organize the event and Conference Center employees catered with drinks and desserts.

Haley Carnaghi is a graphic design junior who works as the graphic design and special events coordinator for Valley Nights. She was the driving force behind the planning and execution of the Drag Queen Bingo event.

“I contracted, organized, purchased materials and communicated with all parties involved,” Carnaghi said.

She said she would measure the event’s success by the amount of interaction between the performer and the audience.

The two-hour event also included over $400 in prizes given to Bingo winners, including an iced coffee maker, cornhole and gift cards.

Hannah Ducolon is an early childhood education senior who attended the event with her friends. She never attended a drag show before, but she is a big fan of “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

Ducolon said the event was everything she hoped it would be and more with music, jokes and prizes for Bingo winners.

“This Bingo isn’t your grandma’s bingo; Michelle provides comedy, musical theatrical fabulousness and a memorable Wednesday night,” Ducolon said. “I was surprised by how many people turned out; it made me so happy to see so many people in person after Covid.”

Ducolon said that she was tremendously proud of the work Valley Nights poured into the event.

“I have a few friends who are in Valley Nights who are very passionate about providing memorable and fun events for Cardinal students, and that passion was shown in how enjoyable of an event they gave SVSU,” Ducolon said.

Abbie Rosiak is a biology senior who attended the event with friends. She had never attended a drag show before and said she did not know what to expect walking into the banquet hall, but she knew it would be something she would enjoy.

She said she was surprised by how interactive the event was and how engaged the audience was with Michelle.

“It was super fun and not what I typically associate with Bingo,” she said. “It has something for everyone to enjoy: music, games and good company,”

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