Law club travels to Washington D.C.

Vanguard Business Manager Nitish Nishtala, Velencia Gonzalez, Patrick Henderson, RJ Key, Toni Gjerkaj, Catherine Shuler, Harley Mordarski, Diva Patel, Dana Johnson and Rachel Rademacher visit the George Washington University during their trip to Washington D.C. Courtesy Photo | Harley Mordarski

Ten students from SVSU’s law club toured their first out of state law school with grant funding from SVSU.

Over the spring break week, the Law Club’s DC committee toured the George Washington University Law School in Washington D.C.

The committee started the planning and grant writing process in May of 2021 to submit to SVSU’s Resource Grant Foundation for the trip.

On the trip the group toured the National Museum of American History, the National Archives to see the constitution and declaration of independence, the 9/11 pentagon memorial and more.

“We packed it tight. We were so exhausted at the end of it but it was good,” professional and technical writing senior Catherine Shuler said.

Shuler serves as the Co-Chair of the D.C. Committee Of Law Club along with public administration and Spanish junior Harley Mordarski.

Shuler and Mordarski said it was great to get out of the comfort zone of Michigan and tour something new. Many of the students on the trip had hardly ever traveled, especially out of the state.

The group was extremely grateful to have SVSU’s support in their club and for their expenses.

“To tour a law school out of the state is also incredibly expensive,” Harley said. “Applying to law school in and of itself is incredibly expensive, so providing an opportunity that may not be afforded to every student.”

Law Club gathers by the U.S. Supreme Court. Courtesy Photo | Harley Mordarski

After going on the trip, Mordarski said going on the trip was worth the grant.

“The planning process was pretty gratifying in and of itself and not just the planning of the proposal, but also getting to receive the grant,” she said. “Finally, and realizing, whoa, we actually have our dream. We can make this happen for students and make this type of a educational experience accessible to students.”

Mordarski and Shuler want to see RSO’s grow and take advantage of opportunities for growth.

“If an RSO has a good idea, the campus community is usually very generous with advice and guidance,” Mordarski said. “If you aren’t sure where to start, just ask someone. If they don’t have the answers, chances are they know someone who does.”

Shuler shared her advice for RSO’s.

“My advice to other RSO’s (especially smaller ones that are looking to grow) would be to take advantage of the opportunities provided by SVSU’s Resource Grant Foundation,” Shuler said. “They are pretty open as to what they would be willing to fund. If an RSO needs assistance with purchasing materials or resources for their club’s expansion or promotion, or if they are looking to attend a conference, event, trip, etc. They should consider looking into the opportunities that SVSU’s Resource Grant Foundation provides for students.”

Throughout the entire process, Emmie Busch, the manager of the private scholarship and donor stewardship at SVSU met with the D.C. committee throughout the proposal writing process and was more than willing to help with completing the grant.

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