Review: ‘Dying Light 2’ was well worth the wait

“Dying Light 2” finally released on Feb. 4 after years of anticipation as gamers wondered whether the title would ever release.

The pandemic has delayed many video games from releasing according to schedule over the past few years.

However, the official release of “Dying Light” was well worth the wait.

“Dying Light 2” is the sequel to “Dying Light,” a first-person zombie game with innovative elements of parkour and verticality in an open world.

Developed by Techland, “Dying Light 2” expands the “Dying Light” universe.

It offers a new and intriguing story along with more advanced parkour, graphics, combat, music, a compelling storyline and upgrade system.

After several disappointing video game releases and game developers rushing to put new titles out, Techland took its time to develop and release “Dying Light 2.”

This resulted in a masterpiece of a video game that the gaming community has waited a long time for.

Music defines the mood and atmosphere of a movie or video game.

For instance, “Star Wars” wouldn’t have been as popular if it didn’t have John William’s brilliance to complement it.

“Dying Light 2” is the same way in that it offers a musical score that is just as captivating as the first.

The music even changes as the player traverses obstacles and hops around rooftops, matching the thrill of the parkour itself.

Additionally, like most video games of the 2020s, the graphics are brilliant, as is the map design.

“Dying Light 2” offers a map in a large city after a zombie apocalypse.

Nature has taken over and grass and trees dominate the rooftops.

The protagonist hops from roof to roof or, if he dares, navigates the dilapidated and overgrown roads festering with zombies and bandits.

The video game has also given the zombies more diverse designs, whereas the original title had similar designs reused for zombie types.

As the player hops from rooftop to rooftop, enjoying a smooth sixty frames per second on consoles, they enjoy the verticality of an open world that offers climbing, traversing, jumping, sliding and more.

“Dying Light 2” is an open-world game, meaning the player can travel wherever they wish on the map with few boundaries.

If you can see it, you can climb it.

“Dying Light 2” expands its open-world by offering unique encounters a player may come across when traveling.

The player may run into bandits, zombie hordes or chests filled with crystals and other goods.

As the title suggests, things get scary when the sun goes down.

“Dying Light 2” offers an entirely different experience for those who traverse the city after the sun goes down.

It is as if the player steps into an entirely different world offering different zombies, quests and encounters for players to enjoy.

When it comes to leveling up and progressing through the story, “Dying Light 2” is unique.

A skill tree is provided that offers skills for players to purchase when a character levels up and gains experience.

Such skills improve health, character speed, parkour abilities, combat effectiveness and more.

Additionally, players have the ability to find materials.

They can then use these materials to craft items.

These include weapon upgrades or modifications, such as a flaming sword or poisoned hammer.

Different materials can also be used to craft grenades and Molotov cocktails.

The story itself offers players the ability to change the way events unfold depending on the decisions they make throughout the game.

There are several factions which the player must work with.

They must choose an allegiance to assist in quests and other objectives.

Essentially, the story is for the player to create.

The will of the gamer will dictate the course of events throughout the story.

Overall, Techland is a devoted gaming company that puts tons of effort into their games and truly listens to its fans.

As time goes on, Techland will listen to gamers and give their latest game the care and attention it needs to rid itself of bugs and glitches.

“Dying Light 2” is just what the gaming industry needed in a time of disappointing titles.

Anyone who enjoyed “Dying Light” will experience the same thrill they once felt when they pick up a controller and fight to restore civilization in one of its best titles yet.

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