Men of Distinction host discussion

Junior Wynter McClain, president of Men of Distinction, greets the audience. Vanguard Photographer | Sarah Brege

Men of Distinction hosted “How to Treat a Lady”, a controversial discussion event held on Jan. 26, in Wickes hall.

The event was filled with lively discussion across a variety of topics, including how friends and family influence relationships and the role a man should play in the relationship.

The event featured a presentation where the Men of Distinction members asked questions to women and men in attendance.

The president of Men of Distinction Wynter McClain, a marketing junior, said they want women to be included and voice their opinions.

“We would like all women to voice their opinions, because one woman can’t speak for all,” he said. “The overall purpose of the event is to share and effectively discuss thoughts from both point of views. This consists of multiple women and men talking about their experiences and beliefs based on the questions that we ask.”

This event has been something the Men of Distinction have been doing since 2015. However, McClain said this is his first time hosting the event.

The goal, McClain said, is to not let the discussion be one sided.

“We will be asking open ended questions to women and some for men as well,” McClain said. “We will have mediators so it can be a controlled environment and the questions will also be controversial.”

McClain was asked about why the conversations would be controversial, and he said that, they need to bring in different perspectives.

“Most of the discussions that will take place will be from people’s personal experiences and what they believe is the right way to be treated in different situations,” he said.

Junior Camille Davis shares how she thinks men should treat women. Vanguard Photographer | Sarah Brege

The questions began in more neutral territory and grew controversial as the evening went on.

Some of the questions considered controversial included, how should men show their interest in women, do you believe in double standards, and should men consider women’s feelings more?

After the question was asked, women in the audience had the opportunity to respond, then the men in the audience could give a rebuttal.

The primary goal of the men of distinction is to keep a black brotherhood on campus and to help black men stay in college.

“In this group I make sure everyone stays on top of their grades and create events that keeps the black community on campus connected,” McClain said. “We also have done community service in the past and I want to make sure we keep that on the roll this year.”

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