‘They’ are putting our democracy at risk

Our democracy is at risk.

It has been for some time now, but most people are just becoming aware of the existential threat facing the United States.

The entire issue stems from the culture war that dominates the mainstream media.

Americans are pitted against one another.

Most of us know there is a corrupt band of people out there with sordid intentions and political agendas aimed at destroying everything our nation stands for and aspires to be.

Vaccines have become a polarizing issue for all Americans, but it is clear to us that They are using vaccines as a way to keep us divided, as a way to create problems that don’t need to exist.

We know what the vaccines are and what they are being used for, but some people refuse to accept the facts behind the entire crisis.

Some people bask in their own ignorance and refuse to open their eyes to the world around them. They refuse to see how much America has changed since the pandemic began.

Perhaps America has always been like this. Perhaps the pandemic merely exposed what has always existed in this nation.

But it isn’t just vaccines.

Education is another element of American life They are using for personal and political gain.

School board meetings have erupted in outrage and fury over what is taught in American classrooms.

Our future is sitting behind a desk at the mercy of America’s education system, and They are trying to hijack our future to promote Their own political agendas.

They are trying to influence every aspect of American life to fit Their narrative. They will not stop fighting for control over America’s youth.

They have also taken over everything that makes America’s economy thrive.

Their depravity knows no bounds as They twist the climate change conversation to their will.

For Them, it’s all about double standards, hypocrisy, false promises and above all, money.

They don’t care if the average American’s pockets are emptied to support the government’s failures, so long as those at the top make an extra dime.

They care more for profit and power more than the wellbeing of Americans and the future that is their children.

They are part of the mob that wants to defile everything the Founding Fathers hoped for in America.

They may claim to be Americans, but They stand against everything she values and the message she promulgates to the world.

They may claim to be patriots who praise America with Their words, but They stomp on her with their actions.

They benefit from the luxuries of a first world democracy while working hard to dismantle it.

They spread misinformation like wildfire.

They watch America burn and they smile because it promotes Their hateful message and agenda.

They don’t care if They spread lies, for lies told often enough become accepted as truth.

If They ever achieve total control of our nation, then the truth will be whatever They want it to be.

They are domestic terrorists who incite violence and hate in our streets, our schools, our restaurants, our government buildings, and our own homes.

Their ferocious campaign of fire and fury can never be extinguished, for hate burns inside Them, a hate that nothing and no one can prevent from spreading on social media and news networks.

They are full of contempt and a callous envy aimed at anyone who disagrees with their radical beliefs not grounded in reality.

They have demonstrated time and time again that They want to steal our democracy.

The 2020 election is a prime example of what results when America’s voice is ignored, when democracy is defiled, and when corrupt men and women work to undermine the Constitution.

They think They are the solution, but the death of America will be the result if They are successful in their cruel crusade to bulldoze the fragile democracy we possess.

The worst thing we can do as Americans is sit idly by and accept what is happening with a shrug.

We can no longer afford to be uninvolved or unaware.

As President Thomas Jefferson said: “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”

His words should scare Americans as 2022 dawns.

How ignorant have we become? How long have we been blinded by misinformation and bias that infects the news? Where will our nation be 100 years from today? Will America be for our children what it has been for us? For our parents and grandparents?

Nothing we possess, nothing we value, and nothing we cherish in America is guaranteed. We mustn’t take our freedoms and liberties for granted.

The will of a single man or woman is enough to take it all away.

Democracy is at risk.

What America stands for is at risk.

And They are the reason why.

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