SVSU police officer promoted to sergeant

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Chad Lackowski has been with Saginaw Valley State Police for 15 years and was recently promoted to the rank of sergeant. Vanguard Photographer | Ryan Pelletier

Chad Lackowski has spent 15 years as an SVSU police officer, and his career continues with new responsibilities after being promoted to sergeant.

Lackowski, who began serving as sergeant on Jan. 3, said that measuring his success as the new sergeant will be a challenge for his line of work. He said that earning the trust and respect of the people he works with would serve as a significant indicator of his performance.

Before becoming the police sergeant, Lackowski worked as an SVSU patrol officer.

Lackowski said he is eager to learn about a new aspect of the university and police department.

“I look forward to mentoring the younger officers and providing guidance as they grow and become more confident in themselves and the job they do,” he said. “I look forward to meeting with each officer and getting to know them better on a personal level and what their career goals are. I look forward to giving them guidance to help them achieve those goals in the future.”

Lackowski said he wants the SVSU community to know that he believes it is an honor to continue serving as an officer in this new capacity.

“I would also like to tell the campus community to not be scared to come and approach any one of us for any questions you might have or just to say ‘hi.’ All the members of this department have gone through similar experiences as them and are willing to help them any way we can.”

Lackowski said that he wishes thanks and congratulations to Marc Strain, the retiring sergeant, for his years of dedicated service to the university. Lackowski said he knows he has big shoes to fill. Strain said the position comes with many roles, duties and responsibilities.

“The sergeant oversees the night officers and the actions those officers take,” Strain said. “He is also responsible for knowing the procedures for any type of incident that may occur at SVSU. The sergeant must foresee or be aware of possible threats before they happen and take steps to reduce or eliminate those threats.”

Strain said that Lackowski is highly qualified for his new role at SVSU.

“Lackowski has had many leadership roles in his sporting and policing career. Those roles have been greatly assisting him while leading the department into the future,” Strain said. “Chad always makes good decisions and is well-liked by his peers. He was looked up to as the Union President by officers and administrators of the university.”

Strain said that the most valuable piece of advice he could give the new sergeant is to think through all decisions and actions and the consequences that could result. He said the sergeant should be aware of the impact their decisions will have on others, the police department, and the university.

Strain said his favorite memory as sergeant was the students at the university. He said he made many friends working at the university and is in awe of all the things they have accomplished after graduating and beginning their professional careers.

Strain said that the SVSU community should know that Lackowski may appear intimidating, but that he is a very open, approachable and fun to talk to.

“Lackowski will be a great asset for the university community for a long time to come,” he said. “He is only starting his leadership role at the department, but I know he will lead the department into the future with distinction.”

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