Catalytic converters stolen on campus

SVSU police are continuing to investigate the recent theft of four catalytic convertors on campus.

Over Thanksgiving weekend in November 2021, four students had the catalytic converter stolen from their vehicles.

Detective Ryan Persails of the SVSU police department has been working on the cases.

Currently, there are no specific suspects in mind for the crime. The location where the car parts were stolen has a camera, Persails said, but the camera didn’t catch the robbery.

“There’s a camera but it moves,” said Persails. “So, we can’t give it a definite suspect. From that night, the cameras can’t pick up [anything].”

The catalytic convertors were taken from four vehicles at the parking lot of University Village.

Persails noted how this type of thing happens regularly, even at SVSU. Other agencies in the area work together to share information on these cases.

“It’s going to happen,” he said. “It’s not advertised but it happens every day. It’s through hooking up with other agencies, which we do, in the other and we’re able to share information. There are other departments that have good pictures and send them out. So, we’re looking for certain vehicles that could possibly be involved with this.”

Persails said theives generally focus on one location and then go to another location in a different city to commit the same crime.

The investigation is ongoing for SVSU but also for the partner departments as well.

“We’re on a college campus so we do have students walking around late at all hours of night,” he said. “We just ask if anybody sees anything suspicious, that they call us at any time. We are 24 hours so we will respond and our response time is usually pretty quick.”

These occurrences normally happen in the middle of the night.

“No one is on campus working on their car at three in the morning,” he said. “If you noticed this, please report it.”

It’s a problem SVSU has also dealt with in past years and isn’t unusual for other universities as well. Persails said the suspects knew students would be off campus for break.

“I can’t give a definite time frame,” he said. “It’s happened a couple times in the past. We do have a lot of cars here and maybe the people who are doing this understood that it was Thanksgiving weekend and there wouldn’t be a lot of people around.”

SVSU police is asking for the public’s help. Students and staff can call the police department at anytime directly at 989-964-4141 to report any suspicious activity.

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