Fall commencement plans

SVSU is set to host its Dec. 17, commencement with just under 500 students signed up. Nic Taylor, the new executive director of Alumni Relations said SVSU is looking toward graduation.

“The ability to come together to celebrate our graduates’ accomplishments will never be taken for granted,” Taylor said. “Commencement is a celebration of everything that is great about SVSU. Watching graduates cross that stage and celebrating their success with their friends and family gives me goosebumps every time.”

SVSU is hosting the graduation ceremony in two shifts in the Ryder center but the school is also holding a third ceremony for the class of 2020 on Saturday Dec. 18. COVID precautions will be taken for all the graduation ceremonies taking place Taylor said.

“We will be following the full NEST guidelines with proper spacing and mandatory masking. The University will be providing a mask for every graduate, participant, and volunteer on those days as well,” he said.

Kayleigh Jones, an elementary and early childhood education senior said she appreciates the school’s approach of having two ceremonies so they could still hold an in-person graduation.

“To be surrounded by peers who I have spent four years in classes with is going to be bittersweet,” Jones said. “I think there will be a joy and pride in ourselves and each other for all we have done. We are a class that experienced many versions of college from pre-covid “normalcy” to COVID at home learning and now as we are hopeful of transition back to in person classes.”

Jones is especially proud of her fellow education majors. “As an education major, I am extremely proud of my peers’ resilience through it all,” she said. “We accomplished a lot academically but also personally, emotionally, and mentally. We learned to rely on each other and stay connected to make it through all the learning. To be with them in person will be a sense of hope that we can stand united.”

She’s excited to see what the graduates will be able to accomplish. “I truly believe that this batch of graduates will change this world in ways people never imagined,” she said.

“Sitting by my peers on graduation day will be a huge testament of the strength we have and that hope to me is priceless.” Each student will receive four tickets that are able to give to family members and friends who wish to attend.

SVSU is planning on 630 participating. “Currently we have just under 500 graduates slated for the Friday ceremonies,” Taylor said. “On Saturday, we expect about 130 graduates from 2020 to come back to campus for the ceremony.”

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