Christmas music should not be played until after Thanksgiving

Each year Christmas seems to start sooner and sooner.

While I love Christmas, I think the music shouldn’t start until after Thanksgiving.

It seems like this year Christmas was starting as early as Halloween.

I understand that people have been having a hard time the past two years with COVID, and Christmas can be a great distraction, but so can Halloween.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.

I love seeing all the spooky decorations, going to haunted houses, and getting to dress up.

For me, Halloween is just as happy of a time as Christmas.

The last thing I want when trying to celebrate Halloween is to hear Christmas music starting to play on the radio and in stores.

Waiting until Thanksgiving is a much more acceptable time.

The time between Halloween and Thanksgiving should be left alone.

It should be a sort of transition time. Rushing to start Christmas music makes it feel like the year is ending much quicker than it should.

I don’t mind if people start listening to Christmas music on their own. I just don’t want to hear it playing everywhere I go.

It’s always the same few songs playing on repeat all the time.

If I have to go shopping and hear “Jingle Bells” one more time, I think I’ll lose my mind.

New Christmas songs come out every year but the stores seem to only like to play the same five old ones over and over again.

I don’t want to have to hear them for two solid months.

At the very least, if the music isn’t going to start later in the year, there at least needs to be some new and better Christmas music.

Even pop artists tend to write Christmas songs but they all sound the same and are about the same few things.

If we could get a little more variety in the genre it would help a lot.

It would help break it up and sound a little bit better in stores.

A lot of the old ones aren’t even relevant to today’s life.

They use language we don’t use anymore and talk about a Christmas that is very different than the one we have today.

Maybe some music about a quarantine Christmas could be interesting.

If we start after Thanksgiving, the music is only being played for one month, which is a lot more bearable of a time frame.

Thanksgiving is also such an underappreciated holiday that gets overshadowed by Christmas every year.

Why isn’t there more fun songs about Thanksgiving? I’d rather listen to the songs from Bob’s Burgers Thanksgiving episodes during the month of November.

If we wait to start Christmas music, Thanksgiving can get a little more recognition.

Alyssa McMillan

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