Thankful Thursday kicks off this month

Mathematics sophomore Katie Stewart sells two long sleeve shirts to music education junior Madison Richardson. Students are encouraged to buy Thankful Thursday long sleeve shirts and to write thank you notes for faculty and staff members every Thursday in November. Vanguard Photo Editor | Brooke Elward

SVSU’s Thankful Thursday kicks off November with thank you notes for professors, staff and faculty.

Macy Docken, vice president of Enhance for Forever Red, a pre-nursing junior said, “This month it’s all about being thankful. For all the people that work at SVSU who have made an impact on students’ lives. So, professors, staff, faculty – everyone like that.”

Surina Gupta, vice president of Create for Forever Red, a political science senior explained the event.

“We are able to offer students a simple yet lovely way to show their appreciation for the professors and staff members in their lives by allowing them to send thank you letters through our organization,” Gupta said.

All kinds of events will be happening this month Docken said.

“We are going to be having table sits every Thursday in November so the 4th, 11th and 18th and at these tables sits students can come and write thank you letters that we deliver to all the professors or staff members on campus,” she said.

The table sits will also include other things.

“We will also have snacks, from dining services, and it’s a really great opportunity just to stop by and talk to us,” Docken said.

Last year, Thankful Thursday was an event that took place only in November, however, this year every month has a thankful theme and for November they are selling t-shirts to grow the event even more.

“We are also doing something a little bit different this year and we are selling thankful Thursday t-shirts, which is something we’ve never done,” Docken said. “We are selling those for $15 and really, we just wanted to create a shirt and we know students love to buy shirts and things like that. And so we wanted to have an opportunity for them to give back to the community a little bit more. And then that money is actualy being donated to Relay for Life.”

Shirts can be purchased at the table sits for the month of November.

Docken discussed how coming back to campus has given individuals more opportunities to be thankful.

“Coming back to campus, you realize that you might have taken things for granted in the past,” she said. “Maybe you don’t really like if you live on campus now, and you don’t really realize how much you appreciate your family.”

Gupta encourages others to write thank you letters as she has.

“I’ve even received emails back from faculty and staff, thanking me for the kind letter and for making them smile,” Gupta said, “They work so hard to provide for our students and truly care about our success. It’s important to recognize their hard work and make sure they know how appreciated they are.”

Docken is hoping for a good turn out this month.

“[Last year] we just had the table sits with just the thank you letters,” she said. “So, I’m really crossing my fingers hoping that we’ll have a good turnout, especially with the T-shirts and all the other things that we’re offering.”

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