Valley Nights hosts Halloween–themed trivia

Haley Carnaghi hosts Halloween trivia. Vanguard Photographer | Sarah Brege

As SVSU embraces the spirit of Halloween, Valley Nights held a Halloween trivia night. The event ran from 8-10 p.m. in the Alumni Lounge Stu- dents teamed up and joined a Kahoot game, where they competed for first- second- and third-place prizes.

Some of the prizes were caramel apples and Target gift cards. Each winner for first, second, and third place, received a $15 Target gift card for third place, $25 for second and $50 for first.

Questions covered topics such as where Halloween originated, what black cats symbolize and the fact that turnips used to be carved for Halloween before pumpkins.

Haley Carnaghi is the graphic design and special events coordinator for Valley Nights, and helped plan and execute the evening’s event.

Carnaghi said she planned for the event since the beginning of October and was excited to carry out the event Tuesday night.

“I was most looking forward to seeing everyone in competition,” she said. “I love the excitement that comes with a little competitive edge.”

Carnaghi said she measured the success of the event based on the amount of laughter shared among

participants. She said she loves that SVSU has returned to in-person events and activities in a safe envi- ronment.

Elizabeth Bennett is a nursing freshman who attended the event. She said she heard about the event when she passed by a billboard out- side of the Alumni Lounge. She said the fact that it was trivia caught her attention the most and inspired her to participate.

“As a college student, the thrill of a fun game and the possibility of winning a gift card sounded like a win-win no matter the outcome,” Bennett said.

Bennett was part of the second place winning team and said her favorite part was winning a Target gift card, among other things.

Bennett said she was fascinated by some of the answers to the trivia questions, especially the fact that $300 million is spent each year on dog costumes.

“I can’t really say I’m surprised, though; I would do the same for my own dogs.”

Sara Haupt is a psychology freshman who attended the event. She said she enjoyed the fact that it was a healthy competition and was shocked by the amount of money Americans spend on Halloween candy each year, which is around $3 billion.

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