Americans are over COVID and ready for Halloween parties

Over 650 days ago, the coronavirus reached the United States of America.

Over 600 days ago, COVID-19 was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization.

Two Valentine’s Days, two Easters, two Fourth of Julys.

And now, two Halloweens.

When it comes to the timeline of this pandemic, there has been a major development.

The Pfizer vaccine has been approved for children ages 5-11

Now, kindergarteners and even some preschoolers soon can receive their vaccination and help halt the spread of the virus.

It started as just 15 days to slow the spread. Then, we just needed a good vaccine. Then, we needed to vaccinate the elderly. Then, everyone eligible. Now, kids under 12. For months, government experts have warned us that until kids under 12 could get the shot, they were vulnerable to the virus and could get sick and die. Until it was approved for them,

we couldn’t return to normalcy. Now that kids under 12 can get the shot, what’s preventing our return to normalcy? What’s the new crisis?

Well, let’s understand where we are now. Halloween 2021. I wonder what our government experts will tell us. Just recently, there’s been an emergence of a new variant: Delta Plus.

Scientists rightfully worry that a variant will come about that is resistant to our highly–effective vaccines.

But where does the average American stand on the pandemic in late 2021?
With new variants coming out like new iPhones, Americans wouldn’t be shocked by the emergence of a Delta Plus Pro Max variant.

It is beyond question by this point
in time that if one has not received a COVID-19 vaccination, it is because one does not wish to receive one; they had the opportunity, but they refused.

It has become increasingly evident that the majority of Americans are ready to put the 650 day siege of COVID-19 behind them.

Americans have largely accepted that the coronavirus will become endemic. Vaccinated Americans rest assured the vaccine is their greatest defense against the virus.

Unvaccinated Americans have made

the personal medical decision to refuse the vaccine, some because of their natural immunity. Regardless of why or why not, America is in a position many nations are not: virtually all of its citizens have had the opportunity to receive the shot.

President Joe Biden celebrated the Fourth of July this year with the bold claim that Independence Day 2021 would be the day we celebrated our “independence from the virus”.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Today, mask mandates linger. Today, vaccine passports have become widespread. Today, many Americans await Dr. Fauci’s blessing to gather and celebrate Christmas this winter.

Americans are beginning to realize that the government itself will not grant us our independence from COVID-19. We the people achieve independence.

Halloween 2021 demonstrated just that. Most American children returned to the desolate streets of 2020 and went door-to-door to collect candy from neighbors.

The only masks were part of Halloween costumes. Families went
out to dinner in restaurants open to full capacity.

Americans are ready to return to their pre-pandemic lives. Many already have. Halloween celebrations in 2021

were equally or even more exciting and involved than they were in 2019.

We’ve reached the roaring 20s all over again, and after years of financial, social, mental, physical and emotional hardship and strife, Americans are rightfully ready to move on and turn the page, to begin a new chapter in their lives, independent from the virus, as Joe Biden said in July.

We must remember that independence is not a gift given by the government to its citizens. Independence is something that lies within each and every American. Independence is Halloween celebrations across America in 2021. Independence
is getting vaccinated and returning to normal, pre-pandemic life.

Americans know independence more than any other nation. The shot heard ‘round the world at Lexington and Concord in 1775 was just the beginning of America’s long journey toward freedom and democracy.

As a result, we inspired a great many nations from around the world to rise up and fight for their own independence.

Halloween 2021 showed us that Americans are ready to live their lives and not just survive.

The shot heard ‘round the world in 2021 is the shot that vaccinates Americans and gets us back to the normal we so long for.

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