Coop spooks Relay for Life

Relay for Life of SVSU hosted its first ever Spook Coop event fundraiser, selling T-shirts for Halloween.

Relay for Life is an organization that funds the American Cancer Society for cancer re- search, patient care programs and more.

SVSU’s Relay for Life set a goal to raise $25,000 this school year and the Spook Coop T-shirts is one of the events the group planned to achieve this goal.

“We are so excited to share the design with everyone and get people pumped for spooky season,” said SVSU’s Relay for Life President Lizzy Simon.

The shirts, were available for $10 in the lobby outside of the library On Wednesday Oct. 12 and Thursday Oct. 13.

At the event, Coop came by to advertise and wear the shirt to bring awareness to Relay for Life’s goal.

The organizations goal wasn’t just to raise funds but to bring attention to Breast Cancer.

“By selling these shirts, not only are we raising funds, but we’re also raising awareness about our cause and its importance,” Simon said. “We [Relay for Life volunteers] will also be selling our pink Breast Cancer Awareness Masks at the sale.”

Simon was on homecoming court this week representing Relay for Life along with some other RSO’s she’s a part of.

At the homecoming Quiz Bowl competition on Thursday, she talked about Relay for Life’s goal for the school year and the T-shirts that were available to help reach their goal.

Meghan Stange a rehabilitation medicine junior was excited for being able to host the event.

“Finally getting to do a fundraiser this year since we had to cancel our September Volleyball Fundraiser due to severe weather,” Stange said.

You can still purchase shirts this Monday from noon to six in the lobby outside of the Library and Stange hopes to see everyone wearing them.

“I hope to see everyone sporting their Spook Coop shirts for Halloween,” Stange said.

This coming week on Oct. 20, Relay for Life will be partnering with Peer Health Educators for a Breast Cancer Awareness table sit.

“We’re going to have Bra Pong, information on self-checking, information on Breast Cancer and we’ll be selling Breast Cancer apparel as well,” Simon said.

All the proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society and get Relay for Life of SVSU one step closer to reaching their $25,000 goal for the school year.

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