Alumni Lounge hosts Family Feud night competition

Alex Lux administers a Family Feud competition. Vanguard Photographer | Ryan Pelletier

The Alumni Lounge hosted a Family Feud Night on Friday evening.

Wesley Hampton, a secondary education junior, helped organize and execute the event.

“The event [is] like the TV show, following the same format,” he said. “The only difference is our questions will be more tailored towards SVSU.”

Some of the questions in the game were “if you could get rid of any SVSU building, which would it be?” as well as “what is the hardest major?” and “what is the most important feature of picking a good college?”

Hampton said that promoting the event was key in having a strong turnout, and that he helped to get the program onto Corq.

“We hope this event allows for students to have a fun night and to meet new people,” Hampton said.

Alex Lux, a computer information systems freshman, took on the famous role of host played by Steve Harvey on the official television game show.

“I was just thinking, oh boy, I get to be sarcastic, I get to playfully judge people for their answers,” Lux said.

Lux said that she used to watch Family Feud with her grandma when she was younger and that she is excited to plan future events on campus, especially with the upcoming Halloween holiday.

Lux said she was surprised by the strategy of some of the teams.

“I was not expecting anyone to actually pass instead of play, and they chose to do thattwice.”

Each team consisted of four or five players. The winners of one of the games remained while a new team replaced the defeated team. Each team got to play two rounds.

There were three Halloween and movie themed gift baskets that were raffled off as well as gift cards for the first, second and third place teams.

Charlotte Adrian, a criminal justice freshman, participated in the event. As a new student at SVSU, she said she has been eager to get involved in events on campus.

“I’ve been looking for things to do in my downtime … and I love Family Feud,” she said. “It was something I used to watch a lot growing up, so I thought this would be a fun thing to do.”

Adrian said her favorite part of the event was the enthusiasm from the hosts and the contestants, and that she would definitely participate in an event like this again on campus.

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