Super Smash Brothers tournament brings together gamers

A Super Smash Bros tournament takes place in the TSAR. Courtesy Photo from Valley Nights

A brand new Super Smash Brothers tournament brought competitive gamers together Thursday evening.

The event was held in the Thompson Student Activities Room. Refreshments were offered and a raffle was held for a gift basket which included a headset, gaming mug, Xbox gift card, gamer putty and candy.

Competitors went head to head in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, a video game which sends popular video game characters together in a competitive stage. Characters ranged from Donkey Kong, Mario, Yoshi, Bowser, Link and dozens more, each with their own super powers and special abilities.

One-on-one competitions were held on various Nintendo Switch consoles broadcast to larger screens set up around the room. A bracket system was used to record winners and determine who qualified for the next round.

Krista Lopez is a marketing junior who helped organize the event, which was the first of its kind.

“I am very excited to see students at all different skill levels come together and compete fairly,” she said. “I am hoping that we can have students make new connections with one another and take a break from academics.”

Lopez said that there is a community out there for interested gamers to come together online.

“If people are interested in gaming, we also have a discord that connects students to one another, a Minecraft server that is constantly updated, and many other gaming events coming into the future.”

Micah Shelton is a business management freshman who attended and competed in the event.

“Smash has always been one of those games I like to play with my family growing up,” he said.

Shelton said it had been a while since playing and wanted to see how other people played.

He met new people at the event with a passion for gaming. He said that if another tournament were held, he would like to attend.

“Having a nice, fun match was the reason I came here,” he said.

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