Cops and Donuts returns

Sergeant Mark Stain of University Police educates crowd of students to begin the event. Vanguard Photographer | Audrey Bergey

Campus Police and Residence Housing Association held Cops and Donuts on Sept. 27 at the south side courtyard.

They offered a variety of treats including donuts for students to put in a bag and take home.

There were even small whistles students could add to their key chains as an added measure of safety.

RHA raffled off six prize bags filled with treats and safety items for student’s personal use.

On the basketball court, cones and tricycles were set up for drunk goggle racing.

To begin the event, Sergeant Mark Strain gathered the students for a quick information session on campus safety.

Students were encouraged to ask questions and to report any suspicious activity to campus police.

Pre-vet freshman Philip Hilmon attended this event with his friends.

“I felt the event was informative,” Hilmon said. “I would suggest this to a friend to come out to learn and have fun.”

Cops and Donuts made its return after five years. The partnership with RHA was a new addition to the previous events held.

“We have held Cops and Donuts events in the past but have never partnered with RHA,” Strain said. “The Chief of Police in the past has held these events but not in recent years.”

There was a decent turnout to the event.

“The past events were never attended well by the student body,” Strain said. “I like the numbers here.”

Cops and Donuts purpose is to promote campus safety.

“The main purpose of these events is to allow the officers to mingle and talk with resident students about life on campus, how to make our campus safer and to hear about any concerns the students have,” Strain said.

Campus Police plan to continue holding Cops and Donuts in the future.

“We are always open to these kinds of events,” Strain said. “Anytime we can socialize with kids, we like it.”

Audrey Bergey

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