America sets up college students for failure

America is known for being the country of opportunity. Since the beginning, people have moved here to better their lives and the lives of their families. However, it sets up its own college students for failure.

One thing I’ve noticed is that college is slowly becoming more and more important. While trade schools are a completely valid and important option, college is the better choice for a lot of people, including myself.

Even though I attend one of the cheapest universities in the state, it’s still expensive. The costs of tuition, books and supplies add up fast. If I didn’t have the support of my family financially, I don’t know how I would be able to do it.

I’ve watched many of my coworkers have to take breaks from school because they simply can’t afford it. A lot of them don’t have the full support of their family and can’t afford it because of that.

It’s almost impossible to work enough to pay your bills but still have time for classes. I only work two days a week around classes and I would never have enough to even pay rent. Students

who live on their own are forced to work full time hours to get by. This leaves absolutely no time for school or homework.

It creates this cycle young people can’t get out of. They can’t afford to go to school so they’re forced to work a

minimum wage job to pay the bills. This takes all their time and then they can’t go back. Why doesn’t our country work harder to support college students?

Tuition never used to cost this much. There’s no logical reason that it does. Even with factoring in inflation, tuition has increased way more than it should have. The boomer generation was able
to go to school without having to worry about how to pay. It used to be affordable for them.

The students who are able to go, graduate with a crippling amount of debt. There have been talks of erasing student debt but that always seems to be shot down. Why is our country so against helping the younger generation create a life for themselves?

Other countries provide as much support as possible for their students.

Some even provide free tuition at public universities. Places like Germany and France even provide free tuition to American students. In total, almost 24 countries provide free tuition.

It’s sad that our own country would rather have college students leave than help them continue their education.

Free tuition is often quickly shot down by the far right. However, they also look down at those working minimum wage jobs. What do they expect people without support to do?

They are literally left with no options sometimes. Even with loans, school can cost way too much.

America is behind in a lot of aspects, especially socially.

The tuition problem would be an easy fix that wouldn’t cost anyone anything. They are a crucial part in our society.

Alyssa McMillan

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