OBU holds first official meeting

Organization of Black Unity hosts their first meeting of year where they discuss financial responsibility in students. Vanguard Photo Editor | Brooke Elward

On Thursday, Sept. 9, SVSU’s Organization of Black Unity (OBU) came together with National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) to host an event titled “Managing Your Money in the Real World” with the goal of sharing knowledge that they had obtained from the world of finance.

The event took place in Curtiss Hall on SVSU’s campus.

“[This event] was created with the intent to help SVSU students and OBU members become more financially literate and get tips that will help them make the right choices now that will help

them as they graduate college and enter the real world,” said Laila Boggan, a nursing junior and president of OBU.

Members of both OBU and NABA know that attaining important information in becoming financially literate can be a challenge.

“Some of us have basic knowledge of how to use money,” said Boggan. “But things like building legitimate credit and buying a house and budgeting in a way that your expenses are covered is something that we believed was important to discuss and talk about.”

For OBU and NABA, the most important thing to achieve with this event was to educate students about something new and to fortify them with financial literacy skills to carry forward with them into their futures.

“Our hope was that the people that came out today gained a new understanding of how important topics relating to finance (like credit, loans, and budgeting) will follow them as they graduate college and how to navigate them in a way that they understand,” Boggan said.

In addition to this event, OBU plans on putting on several other events throughout the semester.

“Be sure to follow us on our socials … to stay in the loop on all of our future events,” Boggan said.

OBU can be found as @svsu_ obu on both Twitter and Insta- gram.

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