Student Life makes plans for the upcoming year

Student life staff and volunteers schedule events, guests, and packages for students to entertain themselves with. Vanguard Photo Editor | Brooke Elward

With students back on campus, RSO’s and Student Life are busy planning their events for the upcoming year.

One of the events is Valley Nights.

“Valley Nights plans to keep offering the movie program and adding in some drive in movies out in C lot,” Associate Dean of Students Jason Schoenmeyer said. “[They’re] also continuing to collaborate with RSO’s and offer a variety of events on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.”

Schoenmeyer also mentioned a new event from last year that would be returning this school year.

“Additionally, last year Valley launched its Digital Gaming programming,” Schoenmeyer said. “So far, we have a discord and a Minecraft server. The Valley Nights Digital Gaming group will be offering tournaments for SVSU students as well.”

Both in person and virtual events will be offered to students this year. Student Life is also ready to be flexible around Covid restrictions.

Last year, RSO’s significantly dropped in numbers but Student Life is optimistic that those numbers will grow again.

“The number of RSO’s dropped from 170 to around 130 last year because of limitations on in-person activities,” Schoenmeyer said. “Currently, RSO’s are able to meet in person as long as they follow masking and distancing protocols. Of course, anything can change with Covid protocols and we will adapt if that happens. The good thing is we have already approved six new RSO’s, so we really are excited to start growing the number of RSO’s again.”

One of Student Life’s main goals this year is to give students an experience that is as close to normal as possible.

“Our goal is to give our students the closest thing we can to a ‘normal’ University experience,” Schoenmeyer said. “An example is we plan to have the RSO Involvement Fair Cards Party, on Wednesday Sept. 15th from 11am-2pm, much like it has been in the past except it will be outside in the Courtyard instead of in the Ryder Center.”

Schoenmeyer ended by giving new students a word of advice, get as involved as you can on campus.

“For sure go to Cards Party but most importantly I always tell new students when you hear about something that interests you just go, don’t just think ‘maybe I will go’, go,” Schoenmeyer said.

He said friendships and more can come from attending these events.

“I could list all kinds of events like Pinterest with Program Board or Valley Nights movies but there are so many awesome events being offered on campus and what matters most is stepping out of your comfort zone and just showing up,” he said. “Amazing friendships and experiences will follow.”

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