SVSU holds on-campus vaccine clinic for students

Meijer vaccine clinic signs posted around campus. The event was held over three days and saw about 2,000 students. Vanguard Photo | Madison Webster

SVSU hosted its first student COVID-19 vaccination clinic on campus for over 2,000 cardinals.

Over 20 percent of SVSU’s stu- dent population received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine through the Meijer clinic running in the Ryder Center, April 7-9.

Susan Brasseur, the director of Continuing Education and External Project Management, said about 3,000 students would receive vaccinations during the week.

“Some additional students came through (Friday),” said J.J. Boehm, the executive director of Universi- ty Communications. “More than 2,000 students received their first dose on campus this week.”

Justin Engel, the manager of Alumni Communications, said that despite lower numbers than anticipated, an additional 1,000 students were vaccinated prior to the clinic because of their related fields to health care, education, etc.

“About 40 percent of our student population received vaccines at SVSU-hosted clinics across the semester,” Engel said. “Keep in mind, that number does not account for students who may have received a vaccine elsewhere.”

When students arrived, they checked in, got their shot and left with minimal waiting time. The students even received a donut as they left the clinic.

Boehm explained that Meijer and SVSU’s partnership made it easy for busy students headed into the end of the semester to get their vaccine.

“I spent time at the vaccine events this week and spoke with several students who I know personally,” Boehm said. “Each of them expressed appreciation at the convenience of being able to be vaccinated on campus.”

Boehm noted how students spoke of how pleased they were to know they were doing their part to protect themselves and their friends and family.

Roughly 300 hundred of the students who got their first dose also received a survey at the clinic.

“The purpose of the survey was to help the university and public health officials with Saginaw County better understand the perceptions and motivations for students regarding the vaccine,” Engel said.

While there are not set dates for fall semester vaccination clinics, Engel said, SVSU will continue to support the community’s health and safety.

“While it is premature to speak about what we may offer in the fall,” Boehm said, “we do anticipate offering additional first dose events on campus in the coming weeks.”

The second dose for students is April 28-30.

If you have questions about your vaccination, visit http://www.

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