Art seniors showcase work in UAG exhibit

Students in the Art 480 class will be displaying a collection of their created artworks at the University Art Gallery (UAG).

The exhibit, titled “Extravagant Media: In Search of Imagination,” will be on display in the gallery from April 19, through May 7.

The students in the class were responsible for multiple components of this exhibit, including curating, marketing and installing artwork.

Jessica Renee Henry, a graphic design senior, has a series of three poster designs for Hall Bicycle Company on display at the exhibit.

She is also displaying a poster for an event called “Walk for Warmth,” and a digital photography series titled “Downtown Detroit Winter Blast.”

“All my works exhibited are digital,” Henry said. “I showcased four poster designs for advertising campaigns presented on foam core, as well as a few digital photographs matted and framed, which were edited on Photoshop with posterizing.”

Henry said that she is most inspired by her process work.

“Doing all of the researching, written treatments, mood-boards, storyboards, wireframing and so on gives me creative individuality while narrowing my imaginative ideas,” Henry said. “The majority of the work I currently create regards client wishes or assignment prompts.”

After graduating SVSU, Henry said she hopes to become an in-house designer for a small business she is passionate about.

“I would categorize myself as a generalist who has strong design skills in branding, marketing, advertising, web design and social media,” Henry said. “I am in hopes to find a particular business that I could aid in logo design, menu updates, social media platforms, website creation and so forth.”

Alexia Hall, a fine arts senior, is displaying her series, “Destruction-Series.” Her work consists of oil paint prints on rag paper using a large printing press.

Hall said she did arts and crafts with her

grandparents as she grew up, sparking her interest in the field.

“As I have aged, my passion for creating art has never wavered,” Hall said. “I’ve grown to understand how, as an artist, it is our job to communicate to the world. If I am not creating something about the world that currently exists around me and its influences on me as a person, I don’t know what I’m doing. I feel that making and creating is my purpose.”

Through her artwork, Hall said she has been examining human destruction to the environment and how individuals contribute to this with unsustainable lifestyles.

“I am exploring these ideas through depictions of desolate landscapes, where the human form appears intermittently,” Hall said. “I believe this series speaks to a subject often ignored in the United States. The destruction caused by humankind is not always seen firsthand here as it often happens outside or our cultural sphere. My aim in this work is to draw the viewers’ attention to their participation in the global catastrophe that is climate change.”

After completing her bachelor’s degree, Hall said she plans to build her portfolio and apply to graduate school.

“I’ll also be showing more of my work in galleries and building on this series I entered in the show,” she said.

Although creating the exhibit was a challenge, it gave the students a unique experience.

“Being someone who hasn’t encountered this task before, one begins to realize how much work really does go into showcasing several artists’ works,” Henry said. “It took much hard work, team-work and communication to be able to successfully create this entire exhibition. We are all very proud and excited for the campus community to visit and view our pieces.”

Family, friends and other artists who are unable to visit the exhibit in-person can attend the virtual exhibition on Facebook Live taking place Thursday, April 22 at 7 p.m.

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