Students to receive COVID vaccines on campus

SVSU is set to offer its first round of COVID-19 vaccination clinics for students starting Wednesday, April 7.

Susan Brasseur, the director of Continuing Education and External Project Management, said SVSU has remained committed to maintaining a safe environment for students.

“This is a commitment that began when COVID-19 reached Michigan in March 2020,” she said. “Now that Michigan has expanded the population eligible to receive the vaccination, we are determined to offer the vaccine to all students who have been waiting for this opportunity.”

SVSU will be hosting clinics for students who have pre-registered for an appointment. This will be the first SVSU clinic specific to students.

“Most important in my mind,” Brasseur said, “is that SVSU students should pre-register immediately if they are interested in receiving the vaccine during the clinics on Wednesday through Friday, April 7-9.”

SVSU partnered with Meijer to host the clinics. Brasseur said the partnership was simple, as Meijer’s purpose was the same as SVSU’s in “supporting our community.”

Meijer previously partnered with SVSU in the fall of 2020 to offer flu vaccines for the SVSU community.

“(The clinic) was extremely successful, and at the time, SVSU and Meijer discussed how we needed to partner again when the COVID-19 vaccine rollout began,” Brasseur said. “We followed through on those plans, and our community is the better for it.”

SVSU has hosted 20vaccination clinics since Jan. 15, administering 30,000 vaccine shots to those across the Bay area.

“SVSU and Meijer were able to quickly mobilize resources and volunteers while simultaneously offering the space needed to welcome the large number of people we knew would show up to the clinics,” Brasseur said.

She explained that SVSU’s motivation and goal for the vaccinations is to eventually have students back to a sense of normalcy.

“The health and well-being of our students and campus community will always be our top priority at SVSU,” she said. “Offering the vaccine to our students is an extension of that effort.”

Students at SVSU have been involved in the process as well, assisting medical professionals and directing traffic.

“Our students are the reason SVSU can serve as such a strong pillar,” Brasseur said.
If you are a student interested in receiving your COVID-19 vaccine, be sure to sign up at

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