Housing implements new re-contracting system

Beginning this fall, SVSU Housing Operations will require returning students to contract for on-campus housing electronically instead of through the traditional paper contracts.

“We are currently meeting with our CashNet vendor to discuss the payment gateway integration,” said Dawn Isler, the director of SVSU Auxiliary Operations. “Our software vendor has been uploading all our bed inventory and student data files for the system integrations between our student information system and the vendor product.”

The process for the new form of housing contracts will be slightly delayed. However, Isler said the new process will be much easier for students than in years past.

“Early March is our forecasted goal if the prepayment gateway action item is completed,” she said. “Otherwise, we will adjust so we can deliver the best experience for a new software to be successful.”

This new software will permanently replace the currently implemented paper contracts.

Students will have points of service improvements including submitting contracts electronically, paying prepayments electronically and doing other business through the student portal.

This is common practice at many other colleges and universities.

“The goal to have a housing management software for our department was in progress pre-pandemic to align ourselves with industry standards,” Isler said.

The new online software will be a much simpler method for students to renew their housing contracts both during the pandemic and for semesters to come, Isler said.

“We strive to make the housing contract process better for students as we migrate away from paper processes and support contactless ways of doing business, which happen to align with convenience and first-class service even before pandemic conditions opened creative solutions to conducting business,” Isler said.

Students will also be able to make changes to their housing situations and manage other important documentations.

“Housing management software solutions provide a convenient and relevant way for students to contract for bed space including online contracts, robust roommate matching functionality, self-selection and batch assignments (and/or lottery bedspace awards) pending university business rules, communication management, room condition reporting and other department efficiencies,” Isler said.

Returning students will still be able to receive priority to submit their contracts as current residents for the 2021 winter semester. Students must check their email to confirm their contract once the housing operations department confirms the timeline of the software launch date.

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