New MFA changes coming for faculty

For several years, SVSU has been implementing a cybersecurity measure known as Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

MFA requires students, faculty and adjunct faculty to go through one of several extra security measures in order to log into their SVSU account when off campus.

Upon entering their username and password, the user is sent a text, phone call, security questions or app notification through which the user is able to verify access to their account.

On Jan. 4, however, Technology and Support Services began to implement a new type of MFA, called MFA Always.

The new system will require MFA all the time, even when the user trying to log in is not off campus.

“Whether faculty or adjunct faculty are on-campus, off-campus or using VPN, they will be MFA-ed,” said Larry Emmons, the director of Technology and Support Services. “The exception to MFA Always will be on classroom podium computers for faculty and adjunct faculty.”

At this time, only faculty and adjunct faculty are being affected by this change.

The original plan was to also include students in the switch to the new MFA Always system.

However, implementing the switch for students has been put on hold until the impacts of the change have been further investigated and analyzed.

Staff will also not be affected by this change as they have been under the MFA Always system since MFA was first implemented at SVSU.

“Faculty and adjunct faculty were notified by email several times in December 2020 of the impending change,” Emmons said.

The change was implemented automatically on the SVSU accounts of faculty and adjunct faculty.

There was no action required by the user for the new changes occur.

For any help with technology at SVSU, regarding MFA or other matters, staff, students and faculty should reach out to the IT support staff.

“The best method to get Technology assistance is to contact the IT Support Center,” Emmons said.

The IT Support Center can be reached via the website, by emailing or calling the extension x4225.

Amid these changes, Technology and Support Services at SVSU would like to stress the importance of keeping Cardinals safe while using technology.

Cybersecurity activities at SVSU are growing rapidly in order to protect the identities and data of the institution and those who work and study here.

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