Theater program holds virtual performance

A room in Math’s Castle. Vanguard Photo | Audrey Bergey

On Friday, Nov. 20, and Saturday, Nov. 21, the theater department put on a virtual performance of “Unraveled Magicians: A New Musical.”

The play was written by Ryan Sequin and originally debuted in Bay City before going on to be performed at Midland Center for the Arts.

Sequin spent ten years creating the musical, an adaption of Mabinogion, a collection of medieval welsh fairytales. He was inspired to write the musical after finding the fairytale in an abounded storage unit his family owned.

Sequin graduated from CMU in 2011 with a degree in broadcasting and theater. He went on to SVSU to obtain a second degree in musical theater.

Sequin himself portrayed main character Gwydion with other students starring as the other characters. Hannah Ducolon played Arianrhod, Seth Bearden played Bard and Holly Greif played Biodeuwedd.

The musical comprised of 19 musical numbers and nine scenes. The play was split into two acts with a short break in between.

“Unraveled Magicians” follows Gwydion’s family after they discover a book of magical spells. Gwydion, who prefers isolation, is forced to return home and help his cursed nephews.

The story was told completely without visuals. The cast relied on music and dialogue to tell the story, which took place in the Kingdom of Gwyneld in 1349.

Additional virtual performances will be held in the winter semester.

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