Social media should be separate from work

Social media is not the place for work.

Everyone you know has at least one social media account, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Tumblr or Reddit.

Many of these social media sites have an option that limits the people who can view your posts.

This can allow you to keep your own life private from your work life, and therefore private from co-workers, employees and bosses.

No matter their age, people are constantly hanging out with their friends while they drink, sing karaoke, play games and watch sports.

So why do people formulate their Facebook to please their workplace?

A better question is why do bosses care what you are doing outside of your work hours?

If you are a worker who goes in on time, responds to emails, gets their tasks done quickly and are pleasant to be around, why should your manager care that you were drunk at Pierce Road Bar and Grill last night, if you came to work on time today?

Bosses can wonder what an employee is actually doing when they call in sick for the day, but it is their saved up sick day so they should be able to use it how they see fit.

The same goes for vacation time off, paid or not.

When an employee goes to New York with her daughter for the weekend, the mom should not have to have to worry about her daughter exposing that she used a sick day for vacation.

People should be able to post themselves on social media as they want.

Right now, people are voicing their opinions on politics and religion by sharing those “share if you believe in Jesus — scroll if you support the devil” posts and work bypasses those opinions.

If workplaces actually have these anti-discrimination laws for religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender, age, etc., then let’s add in hobbies, friends and activities, too.

I see sorority sisters on Snapchat who have to put an emoji over the white claw in their hand.

They are 21 or 22 years old, but according to their job or Greek chapter, they cannot be seen with a red solo cup nearby.

Everyone knows that these girls have alcohol in their cups and that their drinks are behind the emoji.

People tend to not post illegal stuff they do online and if they do post it, then there are bigger issues than just your workplace seeing it.

Everyone drinks or smokes some sort of legal drugs and I think we should not be afraid to show that when some people quite literally need a smoke break at work.

Every Sunday when my household watches the Lions game, we have people who drink, and they should not be ashamed of letting coworkers see that.

Your Snapchat should not be where your employer is creating an impression of who you are and deciding not to hire you.

The one social media that work is allowed to be on is LinkedIn.

LinkedIn was made to recreate a Facebook atmosphere but more work friendly.

You can show off to people where you just got hired, when you got a promotion and make connections.

These connections mean that when a business is hiring, you can see that position is open.

Our employers should not be able to view and judge us based on our Instagram choice to post a photo in a bikini, or spam all of our friends with photos of our cats.

Do not be afraid of being yourself and sharing what you want on social media. Be you.


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