University Art Gallery showcases professor Matthew Zivich

This acrylic on canvas painting, Blockbuster, is the painting you will see when walking past and/or entering the gallery. Zivch’s intention for these pieces is to creatively illustrate various images of historical events that have stayed in his mind. Vanguard Photo | Nicole Vodelpohl

On Saturday, Sept. 19, the University Art Gallery (UAG) wrapped up an exhibition of various works by Matthew Zivich, an art professor.

The exhibit, titled “Matthew Zivich: New Art Works,” featured a variety of Zivich’s most recent works, including several large acrylic paintings on canvas, a collage and framed drawings.

Zivich said he was excited to work with the UAG on the exhibition.

“It’s a great opportunity for me to show my artworks to the SVSU campus community,” he said.

Several of the works in Zivich’s exhibit had been in the making for five or more years.

When creating his artworks, he said he has a certain process he likes to follow.

“The process is to download imagery from the Internet, have it enlarged to
the size of my canvas and transfer the imagery,” Zivich said. “Then you begin to paint.”

Zivich said one of the most apparent influences on the pieces in the exhibit was American history. He was also inspired by many late English and American artists, including David Hockney, Peter Saul and Malcolm Morley.

His intent behind the collection was to showcase his most recent artworks, Zivich said.

“Some are grouped together according to specific subject matter and are meant to be displayed like that,” Zivich said. “Since the general subject matter is similar in all the artworks, it’s natural for them to be shown together.”

He said his expectations for viewers’ thoughts on his work, however, were rather open.

“I would hope for some reaction from a viewer,” Zivich said, “but not necessarily a specific reaction.”

As for his own favorite work from this exhibition, he said there was not a simple answer.

“It’s usually the latest artwork that
I have done that is a favorite, but that changes after looking at it for a while,” Zivich said. “That’s because I usually see things I feel I must change.”

Sara Clark, the interim gallery coordinator at the UAG said she was very happy to work with Zivich on the exhibition.

“Professor Zivich is a true professional,” Clark said. “He is the art faculty with the longest tenure here at SVSU and is actually the one that hired me quite a few years ago. I have always loved his work and was delighted when he agreed to show here on campus.”

Although the exhibition is no longer on display, Zivich’s work will continue to be available to view online at the gallery website.

His next show will take place at North Campus Research Center Art Gallery.

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