Ann Roznowski retires

Earlier this month, Dining Services Office Manager Ann Roznowski retired after 23 years at SVSU.

“I started part-time the first year, working concessions, counting cash and doing paperwork in the office,” Roznowski said.

As office manager, Roznowski said she took on more responsibilities.

“It could be as simple as answering phones and helping anyone who walked through the door to helping out when we were busy in any of the dining and catering areas,” Roznowski said. “I was extremely lucky to have a great office and management staff who made my job easier.”

Roznowski was responsible for payroll, billing and all reports for Dining Services.

The people at SVSU made the hard work worth it, she said. Her coworkers, along with faculty, staff and students were her favorite part of her job.

“I always loved the energy and excitement students brought with them each new school year,” Roznowski said. “It was great to be part of that. It has been a pleasure to meet and work with so many great people from many offices over the years. As I watched the university grow and expand, my SVSU family and friends grew as well.”

Now that Roznowski is retired, she said she plans to spend her time doing other things.

“Spending time spoiling my grandchildren ranks high on the list [of plans for retirement],” Roznowski said. “My husband Ken, who will retire in December, and I also have many hobbies … Ken runs marathons and I like to walk half marathons. We also help out whenever one of our three sons, Steve, Brian or Kyle, need help with a project.”

Ashley Bekemeier, the new office manager for Dining Services, said she worked as office clerk with Roznowski for nearly 17 years.

“(Ann) was more than my boss,” Bekemeier said. “She was my boss, mentor, mom and good friend. I am missing more than just a great coworker.”

Bekemeier shared some of her most memorable moments from working with Roznowski.

“I was pregnant with my first child and worked basically up to my due date until my water broke in the office while I was working,” Bekemeier said. “I ran towards the bath- room and Ann started yelling at me to sit down. Instead, an- other manager sat down and (Ann) said, ‘Not you. Her.’”

Roznowski is taking her own memories from SVSU with her into retirement.

“There are so many, many memories,” Roznowski said. “But I would say my favorite was being able to hand my son Brian his diploma jacket.”

Roznowski doesn’t plan on straying too far from SVSU.

“I may be retiring but you haven’t seen the last of me,” she said. “I plan to visit and stay in touch with the many friends I have made. SVSU has been an awesome place to work.”

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